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The National Council of Women of QLD (Inc) is affiliated with National Council of Women of Australia Inc. Ltd. and the International Council of Women. Our patron is His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, Governor of Queensland.



The 2019 bursary applications have now closed!



The NCWQ is actively involved in many areas impacting the life of women. Our advisers produce reports on matters including Ageing, Arts, Family, Children, Economics, Environment and Health.


Partners and Affiliates

The NCWQ has an extensive network of partners and affiliates across the state. The network of these organisations enables the sharing of information, effective communication and better support across all segments of our community.

Recent Posts and News

Public and Persuasive Speaking Workshop

EVENT Our young women’s branch (NCYWQ), are delighted to launch the details of their first Public and Persuasive Speaking workshop, to be facilitated by Forum Communicators

2019 Bursaries Awarded

The 2019 Bursaries were presented last night. Congratulations to all the amazing young women in Queensland!

NCWQ Arts and Letters Report August 2019

By Jennifer Ann Davies, Arts and Letters Adviser There seems to be, wherever one looks, strong interest in the stories and images of the past. Most, represent the ideas of the times, as well as showcasing particular techniques, new developments, possibilities – change! Ideas come to us as the successors of griefs, and griefs, at [...]

NCWQ International Relations and Peace Report May 2019

By Georgina Pickers, NCWQ International Relations and Peace Adviser The horrific events at the mosques in Christchurch, followed by the attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka then shootings at a Synagogue in the United States serves as a tragic reminder that those with “black hearts” of religious intolerance still live amongst us.  These despicable cowardly [...]

NCWQ Environmental Report May 2019

By Pat Pepper, NCWQ Environmental Adviser   Update on the impact of Carmichael Coal Mine in the Galilee Basin: In previous reports and submissions to Government, concerns have been raised about the impact of mega mines in the Galilee Basin, in particular the Carmichael mine. Theseincluded Contribution to greenhouse gases including that from the coal [...]

NCWQ Child Youth and Family Report May 2019

The months are passing by quickly, Easter has come and gone, and the middle of the year is close. In the words of Dr Seuss “how did it get so late so soon?” This report sets out some upcoming family events, outcomes of the 2019 Federal Budget, brief discussion on recommendations handed down on 10 [...]

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