NCWQ Education Report: November 2020

By Deslyn Taylor, NCWQ Education Advisor (photo credit: In September the ‘Minister for Science Leeanne Enoch and Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women, Di Farmer announced the winners of the 2020 Queensland Women in STEM Awards, acknowledging the contributions of leading women in the field. “It’s wonderful to recognise the 2020 Queensland Women […]

NCWQ Education Report: July 2020

By Deslyn Taylor, NCWQ Education Advisor In 2020 the Federal Government changed the costs of degrees at Universities and has attempted to push students towards industries that it believes will drive job growth. This has partly been because of the serious unemployment problem currently being experienced because of the COVID19 shutdowns. Areas including nursing, psychology, […]

NCWQ Education Report: March 2020

By Deslyn Taylor, NCWQ Education Advisor 2020 is proving to be one of the most educationally challenging years ever. At the time of writing this report all Australian schools and most Educational Institutions have been closed because of COVID19. However schools have accepted this challenge and are now running online classes for their students. This […]

NCWQ Education Report: January 2020

By Deslyn Taylor, NCWQ Education Advisor STEM Update Girls are becoming recognised in STEM fields. In my last report I spoke of the number of women acknowledged in Australia but this is a world wide phenomenon. For the first time in history girls have won all top 5 prizes in the National STEM Competition in […]

NCWQ Education Report: November 2019

By Deslyn Taylor, NCWQ Education Advisor The 2015 – 2018 International Council of Women’s Plan of action for Education urged National Councils to advocate for:- The importance of education from early childhood. The importance of support and appropriate education to cater for all forms of disabilities. Equal access to all forms of training and higher […]