Advisers NCWQ Advisers The NCWQ actively engages with a cohort of State Advisers, who each research and report on up to date issues across various sectors and topic areas. These Advisers and their assigned areas are listed below Our State Advisers State Coordinator Dr Pat Pepper Arts, Letters and Music Ms Jennifer Ann Davies Child, […]

NCWQ International Relations and Peace Report May 2019

By Georgina Pickers, NCWQ International Relations and Peace Adviser The horrific events at the mosques in Christchurch, followed by the attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka then shootings at a Synagogue in the United States serves as a tragic reminder that those with “black hearts” of religious intolerance still live amongst us.  These despicable cowardly […]

Human Rights & International Relations & Peace Report, November 2018

By Georgina Pickers NCWQ International Relations & Peace Adviser This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights.  While in principal it stands solid, the ideals it enshrined are unfortunately not adhered to by many countries who were once proud signatories. Queensland’s government recently announced the introduction of a Human Rights Bill […]

International Relations and Peace, Annual Report 2018

By Georgina Pickers NCWQ International Relations and Peace Adviser International Relations and Peace and Human Rights coexist – one dependant on the other.  Like the biblical Ten Commandments, the H.R. conventions should be at the foundation of our thoughts, words and actions.   The UN estimates the current global population at 7.2 billion, and like […]