NCWQ Habitat Report: November 2020

By Dr Donnell Davis, NCWQ Habitat Adviser Urban design for disability, dementia and resilience This report encompasses design for disability (D4D), dementia (D4De) and durability. It highlights human wellbeing (SDG 3), 7 senses, David Attenborough’s witness statement, climate impacts on human in cities (SDG 11 and SDG13) with policy assessment tools from the World Economic […]

NCWQ Habitat Report: July 2020

By Dr Donnell Davis, NCWQ Habitat Adviser This report covers: 1. NCWQ Narelle Townsend Urban Design Bursary 2020 2. Ngambany – Urban Design For Pandemics 3. Covid in Cities a. density ≠ disease, b. recovery success matrix 17 countries c. unintended consequences 4. Feminist Futures (living with Covid) leadership by women (WEF) 5. ERA papers […]

NCWQ Habitat Report: February 2020

By Dr Donnell Davis, NCWQ Habitat Adviser Habitat is all about the right to shelter. Shelter includes our cohesive communities and sustainable cities. United Nations Habitat is now led by a woman, former Governor for Penang in Malaysia, Ms Maimunah Mohd Sharif   who convened special events in Asia in 2019, and the World Urban Forum […]

NCWQ Habitat Report: November 2019

By Dr Donnell Davis, NCWQ Habitat Adviser This statement canvasses the report card on Australia’s performance on SDG 11, and what is happening in Queensland and Australia.  In a nutshell, the ‘right for shelter for all’ is under scrutiny and sustainable low-carbon urban living is under threat, and civil liberties for people living in cities […]

NCWQ Habitat Report: July 2019

By Dr Donnell Davis  NCWQ report on United Nations Habitat This report encompasses the concise history, evolution of focus, and roles for women in human settlements now and in the future. UN Habitat Program evolved from the urban drift of people over the last 50 years moving from rural lifestyles to town and city living. […]