Application – DiH Health and Wellbeing Bursary

DiH Health and Wellbeing Bursary APPLICATION GOOD NEWS! You are Eligible to Apply for this Bursary. Please complete the following application form. Before You Get Started. What you’ll need. A. Your personal and education details B. Information to complete your personal statement. You will be required to submit a statement, in 350 words or less, […]

DiH Health and Wellbeing Bursary

As a health professional, Diane appreciates the difficulties that those with a mental illness face as they work towards their study goals.

What Does Australia Want Its End-Game To Be With COVID-19?

NCWQ Health Advisor Report: Feb 2021

Music and memories make the magick that is Christmas! All along our borders and in our inland areas the songs and sounds and smells of Christmas emerge.

NCWQ Health Report: November 2020

By Dr Kathryn Mainstone, NCWQ Health Adviser
Vaccines for COVID-19 – Australia can afford to wait. Current vaccines are highly unlikely to be the silver bullet in the COVID-19 battle.

NCWQ Health Report: July 2020

By Dr Kathryn Mainstone, NCWQ Health Adviser Wearing Masks As more has been found out about the SARS-CoV-2 virus over time, our routines outlined by government have changed. Recently, over 200 scientists from all over the world have written to the WHO, emphasizing that SARS-CoV-2 may not simply be spread by large droplets, as had […]