Apply to be a NCWQ Adviser

Adviser's Role

The NCWQ Adviser has an important role. Advisers need expertise and sound knowledge in the specific subject related to their portfolio.

NCWQ Advisers should:

  • Keep their National Adviser advised of what is happening in the relevant Portfolio at the Queensland level and when requested forward Reports on their particular Portfolio to the relevant National Adviser.
  • Consult with the State Coordinator.
  • Communicate and network with the National and other State counterparts.
  • Establish a Standing Committee or network with other specialists in the Portfolio areas as required.
  • Prepare Reports, Submissions etc to Queensland, Government in response to Task Forces and Consultative Committees for the State Coordinator. NCWQ letterhead is to be used for all correspondence on behalf of the NCWQ Council.
  • Respond readily to requests on issues of importance from the NCWQ Council and State Coordinator, even if at short notice.
  • Acknowledge the sources of information and recommendations.
  • Keep abreast of the major issues as they relate to the area of expertise.
  • Organise Seminars and other activities that relate to the Plans of Action when appropriate.
  • Be familiar with Queensland, National and ICW policies and resolutions.

Advisers should make no public statement on issues without the consent of the NCWQ President or the National President in relation to National and ICW issues.

Dr Pat Pepper

State Coordinator

Hi, my name is Pat Pepper. I am the State Coordinator of the NCWQ Advisory program.

We currently have vacant Adviser positions in several areas and we invite your expression of interest to join the team.

Please review the Adviser's Role description, then if interested, please submit an informal application using the form below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards
Pat Pepper

Vacant Positions

Get Involved. Contact the NCWQ President or State Coordinator.

To enable the effective reporting and sharing of information across all segments of our community, we welcome your expression of interest. Please email our President or our State Coordinator, or complete this form and we’ll be in touch.