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NCWQ Helen Ovens Memorial Bursary

NCWQ Helen Ovens Memorial Bursary

About This Bursary

NCWQ Helen Ovens Memorial Bursary

The Helen Ovens bursary is to honour Helen, an integral member of NCWQ who passed away suddenly in 2013. Helen would have liked a bursary to go toward a mother’s educational expenses. She spoke often about the need for a mother, especially a stay-at-home mother, to have her own income to give her some independence. She also spoke about the disappearance of one’s identity as an individual that comes with motherhood. This is particularly true when her children are young and the majority of her attention is focussed on caring for them and raising them.

To avoid this loss of identity Helen thought it was important to have, and to keep alive, interests and projects that nourished that part of her: The Individual. Helen the individual always had a project. She had interests as diverse as fashion design, philosophy, sculpture, ancient languages, and literature. She began her own business in fashion design during the 80’s. Her daughter, Nea, remembers getting up for a late-night wander, all the lights would be off in the house except for Helen’s studio. ‘It was wonderful to see her in there working hard as she quietly sewed her fabulous designs. She actually won an award for ‘resort wear’. Later, when we were teenagers, she also enrolled herself into Arts at UQ. She absolutely loved it.’

The value of the bursary is $1,000.

Important Dates


  • Monday 12 April 2021 – Applications open.
  • Wednesday 2 June 2021 – Applications close. Applications submitted or post-marked after that date will not be considered. APPLICATIONS CLOSED.
  • Monday 12 July 2021 – All applicants will be advised of the selection panel’s decision after 12 July 2021. Please note that no correspondence will be entered into for feedback to unsuccessful applicants.
  • Tuesday 3 August 2021 (confirmed) The Presentation of the bursaries in Brisbane – see here for updates

Important Information

  • There are two key steps to apply for this bursary: Step 1 – Check Eligibility and Step 2 – Submit An Application.
  • To be eligible to apply for this bursary, you must meet each of the specified Eligibility Criteria and be able to address the Selection criteria (as listed in Step 1 below).
  • The Selection Criteria is used to assess your application.
  • In Step 2 of the process, you will be provided with helpful hints to complete your application. Preparation is key.
  • You are invited to Start Step 1 – Check Eligibility
  • Please note: We understand that it may not be possible to submit your application using our online Bursary Application process. In special circumstances, we do offer a hard copy / printed version of the application for you to submit. Please contact our Bursaries Program Manager, Kathy Cavanagh Ph: 0407 117 378 or Email: to discuss your options.


  • The details which you provide in the application are held in strict confidence and are accessed only by the Bursary Selection Panel members of the National Council of Women of Queensland Inc (“NCWQ”) Bursary Program. Information contained in the application is to only be used for the purpose of administration of the NCWQ Bursary Program. The information will not be disclosed to any third party without prior written permission from the Applicant.

STEP 1 - Check Your Eligibility

To proceed to the Application Form for this bursary, you must meet each of the following Eligibility and Selection Criteria. Please confirm the following:

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for the 2021 Bursary Program Have Now Closed

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Have questions about the 2021 Bursary Program?

We welcome enquiries from potential bursary partners and bursary applicants. Please contact the NCWQ Bursary Program Manager, Kathy Cavanagh.