Overview & Eligibility

QMWS (Mater) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Bursary

Mater Health and QLD Medical Women’s Society

About This Bursary

Mater Health and QLD Medical Women’s Society

This bursary is intended for an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander woman who is enrolled in an Australian medical degree or course or is a recent Medical Graduate.

The bursary will provide the recipient with a financial contribution to attend an event to enable professional development, recognition, networking academic advancement, and leadership opportunity, with a focus on issues related to Indigenous Medicine and Education, Women in Medicine, Ethics, Leadership and/or Governance

Background to the Bursary

Queensland Medical Women’s Society (QMWS) was founded in 1929 with the aim to further the professional development of Medical Women by education, research, and improvement of professional opportunities. Existing almost 100 years, QMWS continues to promote the health and welfare of all Australians, particularly women and children.

Mater is a Catholic not-for-profit ministry of Mercy Partners. Mater is guided by the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy who established Mater in 1906.  More than 100 years later, this tradition of care-grounded in Mercy Values – remains at Mater’s core today.

QMWS and Mater, as part of their commitment to reconciliation and the Makarrata Commission would like to encourage and empower a female medical graduate who identifies as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, to further their medical career and/or leadership aspirations. This bursary is one step in a broader goal of the QMWS and Mater – to advance the parity of representation of First Nations Peoples in the Australian medical workforce, and in its leadership.

Mater and QMWS would like to learn from their experiences, and as such. Feedback after the event would be greatly appreciated but is not required. It is hoped that the recipient of the Bursary will also receive financial and non-financial benefits through their connection with this Bursary and QMWS, such as mentoring and engagement with a diversity of medical women and their interests.

This application can also be used, with the applicant’s permission, to be considered for a Purple Bush Medicine Leaves Bursary in the same year, that is awarded nationally during NAIDOC week (see afmw.org.au/2023-purple-bush-medicine-leaves-bursaries-recipients-announced-in-naidoc-week)

The value of the bursary is $1,250.

Attendee Examples

Examples of conferences and meetings that may be relevant (but not exclusive to) include:

  • Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) National Convention, annually
  • Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) Global Health Conference, annually
  • Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association (AIDA) Conference, annually
  • Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education (LIME) Biannual Connection meetings (next 2023)
  • Professional development workshops, for example, for Leadership in the Medical Workforce and Curriculum Vitae Writing Courses
  • Rural Doctors Association (Queensland or National) Conferences and Workshops
  • AMA Junior Doctor, Doctor in Training, regional national or international Workshops and Conferences
  • Doctors Health Conferences, local, regional or national
  • Digital Media Training and Professional Development
  • Doctors for the Environment Australia Conferences
  • Commission of the Status of Women, New York as AFMW Delegate, annually in February
  • WHO World Health Assembly Geneva, annually in May
  • MWIA Triennial Conference
  • MWIA Regional Conference e.g. Western Pacific

Important Dates

Monday 15 April 2024 – Applications open.

Monday 3 June 2024 – Applications close. Applications submitted/emailed or post-marked after that date will not be considered

Monday 8 July 2024 – All applicants will be advised of the selection panel’s decision after 8 July 2024. Please note that no correspondence will be entered into for feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

The Bursary Presentation will be held Saturday morning, 20th July 2024 at Women’s College, University of Queensland. We welcome the attendance of the successful recipient of each bursary to this function, where there will be the opportunity to meet your sponsor and other bursary recipients. See here for event updates.

Important Information

2 Step Process

There are two key steps to apply for this bursary: Step 1 – Check Eligibility and Step 2 – Submit An Application.

To be eligible to apply for this bursary, you must meet each of the specified Eligibility Criteria and be able to address the Selection criteria (as listed in Step 1 below).

The Selection Criteria is used to assess your application.

In Step 2 of the process, you will be provided with helpful hints to complete your application. Preparation is key.

You are invited to Start Step 1 – Check Eligibility

Please Note

1. We understand that it may not be possible to submit your application using our online Bursary Application process. In special circumstances, we do offer a hard copy / printed version of the application for you to submit. Please contact our Bursaries Program Manager, Kathy Cavanagh Ph: 0407 117 378 or Email: bursaries@ncwq.org.au to discuss your options.

2. You may apply for more than one bursary if you meet the relevant criteria. A separate application is required for each bursary.

3. Preference will be given to applicants who have not been a previous recipient in the NCWQ Bursary Program.


The details which you provide in the application are held in strict confidence and are accessed only by the Bursary Selection Panel members of the National Council of Women of Queensland Inc (“NCWQ”) Bursary Program and the Bursary Sponsor. Information contained in the application is to only be used for the purpose of administration of the NCWQ Bursary Program. The information will not be disclosed to any third party without prior written permission from the Applicant.

STEP 1 - Check Your Eligibility

(See QMWS Membership details here) (Optional but recommended))

Thank you to our kind Bursary Program Sponsors

Bursary Enquiries

We welcome enquiries from potential bursary partners and bursary applicants. Please contact the NCWQ Bursary Program Manager, Kathy Cavanagh.