Submissions from the National Council of Women of Queensland Inc.

“Red Tape Reduction Proposals for Liquor and Gaming”

The National Council of Women of Queensland Inc (NCWQ) is affiliated  with  the  National Council of Women of Australia Inc and the International Council of Women. The International Council of Women has consultative status (Category 1) with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The NCWQ is the umbrella organisation for 132 affiliated women’s organisations and associates in Queensland. Eminent members of the NCWQ include Justice Margaret White AO, Dr Mary Mahoney AO and Mrs Jennette Lavis OAM.

Since its inception in 1905, NCWQ has been an authoritative voice on issues relating to family welfare. We represent the perspective of a broad cross-section of the community.

The NCWQ supports the Government’s commitment to cutting red tape and regulation that unnecessarily adds to business costs and reduces profitability and productivity. Read the full submission here.

ALRC Submission regarding sexual abuse of older women

This is the second submission that Dr Catherine Barrett has submitted to the Australian Law Reform Commission inquiry into the abuse of seniors. As with the previous paper, it is harrowing reading for many. It also lifts the lid on sexual abuse of older women for those who may not have encountered or heard of women who have experienced such abuse.

Maybe you can pass it on to others in your networks so that we can all be mindful that such abuse happens, that we listen to those women who report the abuse to us, that we reassure them they have been heard, and that action is taken as requested by the woman herself. Of course, there will be preventative measures we may use or instigate to ensure that those in our care or generally in our communities, are kept as free as possible from this form of abuse.

Read the full submission here.

Homelessness and poverty in women aged 60+

The Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) is the state-wide peak body representing the interests of individuals experiencing or at risk of experiencing poverty and disadvantage, and organisations working in the social and community service sector.

Read the July 2016 report on the cost of living and age pensioner households.

Queensland Women’s Strategy: NCWQ Submission

The NCWQ believes that gender equality should look at education, health, living, safety, economic, ageing and opportunity and the submission has been formulated. These seven elements of the submission are aligned to the topic areas identified in Queensland Women 2015 (Office for Women, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, Queensland Government, 2015) and support the basic principle of gender equality in social, economic and physical status of women.

The Women’s Strategy 2015 should look at all women, not just vulnerable women on the proposition that ‘we lift others up as we climb’. This is an enabling and support strategy.

Download the NCWQ Submission for the 2015 Queensland Women’s Strategy here.

Great Barrier Reef and Climate Change: NCWQ Submission

Hundreds of comprehensive in-water surveys to assess coral mortality have been conducted Reef-wide since the beginning of March by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) with the Australian Institute of Marine Science, the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and other partners. The GMRMA reports the overall mortality to be 22 per cent with about 85 per cent of that die-off occurring in the far north between the tip of Cape York and just north of Lizard Island, 250 kilometres north of Cairns ( the most pristine of GBR). This has resulted from the most serious bleaching event to hit the Reef on record, and was related to a combination of warming of our planet’s oceans and a major El Niño. Read the full submission here.

Elder financial abuse: NCWQ Submission

The NCWQ Management Committee has written to the Premier of Queensland to advocate for tighter controls for Enduring Powers of Attorney to secure the assets of of the elderly.

NCWQ recommended that the current procedure of registration for some EPAs with the Lands Title Office, be replaced with a process of registration for all EPAs, to be administered by QCAT, through the Guardianship and Administrative Tribunal Division

With an increasing representation of senior citizens in the population, the National Council of Women Queensland Inc (NCWQ) is concerned about the potential for those with Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA) being abused by those whom they have placed in a position of trust.

Read the full submission here.

NCWA Mid Term Conference: Resolutions

Read the resolutions below:

Climate Change

Women’s Heart Disease

‘Catch up adults’ immunise Australia

Rural and remote health recommendations

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