NCWQ Annual Report 2022-2023

NCWQ Annual Report 2022-2023 Cover

The National Council of Women of Queensland Annual Report 2022-2023 is available on our website.

The report includes the final President’s Report from Chiou See Anderson, who held the position for four years.

Ms Anderson noted: “Upon assuming the NCWQ Presidency in late 2019, the global challenge of COVID-19 emerged, prompting a shift to virtual committee meetings due to movement restrictions. The ever-changing regulations led to the cancellation of the 2020 bursary presentation. Despite these limitations, the NCWQ committee utilized the period to enhance
organisational processes.

“The embrace of technology led to a rejuvenation of the NCWQ committee membership, attracting women still active in the workforce. This shift resulted in an increase in membership, with affiliate numbers rising from 35 in 2019 to 38 in 2023 and associate membership growing from 45 to 86 during the same period.”

Ms Anderson thanked Committee Members and her family for their support and assistance.

“I thank all NCWQ members and supporters for the initial opportunity that paved the way for my amazing journey,” she said.

The Annual Report includes a financial summary, Advisors Reports and report from NCWQ Affiliated Organisations.


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