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Membership of NCWQ

Benefits of Membership

Affiliated organisations and individual members give a stronger voice to women, and informs and encourages discussion. Show your support. Benefits:

  • Advocacy
  • Networking
  • Events and conferences
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Access to affiliate events and publications
  • The opportunity to be a voice on issues of concern via submissions to government and other bodies

Affiliate Membership

Any association of women, or men and women, whose constitution is consistent with that of The National Council of Women. Each such affiliated association may elect two voting delegates to the Council. Join as an Affiliate member.

Associate Membership

An individual whose nomination is accepted by the Council. Associate members are represented on the Management Committee and have full voting rights at all General Meetings. Join as an Associate/Student member.

Members of affiliated organisations and associations and Associates are welcome at all general meetings and functions of the Council.

The Council of affiliated organisations and associations gives a stronger voice to women on issues of common concern, to inform and encourage discussion among women, to formulate policies and to make submissions to government and other bodies.

Affiliated Organisations cover a wide range of interests:
Family, social, political, professional, church, service, ethnic, health, urban and rural.

Apply To Be A Member

Download the pdf application

OR, Complete the online application form below:

Join as an ASSOCIATE or STUDENT Member


WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Once your Membership Application has been submitted, our Membership Secretary will be back in contact to facilitate your payment or donation. Thank You.

Honorary Life Members

NCWQ Honorary Life Members include the following:

  • Dr Laurel Macintosh OBE MB BS DO FRACO
  • Mrs Ails Scurr
  • Mrs Val Cocksedge OAM, DipHSc

In recognition of the work done by these members: Download list of NCWQ Honorary Life Members 2017 – 2018 and 2018 – 2019 (pdf 30kb). Source: NCWQ Annual Reports. Compiled by: Noela O’Donnell 2011- 2012

How to get involved

1. Become a member. 2. Nominate to be part of the Management Committee or the panel of Advisers. 3. Attend NCWQ events and those of our affiliate organisations. 4. Refer issues affecting women to NCWQ. 

Get Involved