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Do you want to be a confident communicator who can speak easily in public, chair meetings with poise and inspire others to find their voice?

Forum is a Queensland-wide public speaking organisation with local, friendly groups who meet regularly to help each other be confident and effective communicators for their professional and personal lives.

Women Lawyers Association of Queensland

The Women Lawyers Association of Queensland Inc (WLAQ) is an organisation dedicated to women who are jurists, practising professionals, legal academics, legal graduates and students of law. As an association of professionals, we seek to help members directly and indirectly by: Raising awareness and proposing changes on issues facing women in law Advocating for appointments on merit Providing resources around flexible working arrangements Liaising with other peak bodies including the Bar Association of Queensland and Queensland Law Society Supporting mentoring and guiding of more junior members Organising events to provide networking and educational opportunities

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4. Refer issues affecting women to NCWQ.
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