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Education Report Feb 2021
Advisers' Reports
NCWQ Content Manager

NCWQ Education Report: February 2021

By Deslyn Taylor, NCWQ Education Advisor (photo credit: STEM in Queensland STEM has been recognised in Queensland as an important area of Education and

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Habitat Report Feb 2021
Advisers' Reports
NCWQ Content Manager

NCWQ Habitat Report: February 2021

Urban Design for Pandemics Paper #3. This paper focuses on lessons learned from a year of impacts from Coronavirus global pandemic and how cities have been at the centre of crises, cohesion and resilience.

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Connecting women since 1905

The National Council of Women of Qld. Inc., which has been working for women in Queensland since 1905, is part of NCWA Inc. which was recognised by the Australian Government as one of three peak Women’s organisations in 2000.

How can I get involved?

1. Become a member.
2. Nominate to be part of the Management Committee or Advisers panel.
3. Attend NCWQ events and those of our affiliate organisations.
4. Refer issues affecting women to NCWQ.
5. Connect with us on Facebook.

Get Involved. Contact the NCWQ President.