The Great Barrier Reef Matters

By Pat Pepper NCWQ Environmental Adviser   Update on Great Barrier Reef (GBR): Since my July report, Outlook Report 2014 and strategic assessments for the Great Barrier Reef Region and adjacent coastal zone have been released. Pollutant loads entering the Reef have reduced measurably since the last Outlook report in 2009 due to programmes such […]

Youth Issues in 2014

By Kirsty Levis NCWQ Youth Adviser Youth Week 2014 ( National Youth Week 2014 was held from Friday 4 April to Sunday 13 April under the theme Our Voice. Our Impact. Queensland’s Youth Week celebrations were coordinated by the Queensland Police Citizens Youth Welfare Association (PCYC), which received State Government funding to collaboratively plan, run […]

Environmental Report

By Pat Pepper NCWQ Environment Adviser The Mineral and Energy Resources (Common Provisions) Bill 2014: The Queensland Government (QG)aims to slash red tape for the resources sector and to improve land access protection for the landholder by developing a single, common resources Act for the mining, petroleum and gas, greenhouse gas storage and geothermal energy […]

Searching for Peace in a Modern World

By Georgina Pickers NCWQ International Relations and Peace Adviser The Peace and Security division of the UN estimated Peacekeeping operations since they began in 1948 to 1997 have cost about US$16 billion.  In the financial year 2014 to 2015 the cost will be approximately $7.06 billion. There have been 69 operations since 1948.  There are […]

A Reflection on Human Rights

By Georgina Pickers NCWQ Human Rights Adviser It grieves me that as a global citizen and a citizen of one of the safest, tolerant and welcoming countries in the World to tens of thousands of refugees and immigrants over the years, a small minority of obsessed individuals wish to threaten that balance by taking advantage […]