NCWQ Nutrition Annual Report: 2018

By Val Cocksedge NCWQ Nutrition Adviser Australia’s health, well-being and productivity are being threatened by an epidemic of weight-related illness. 63.4% of Australian adults are above a healthy weight, with 27.9% obese and 35.5% overweight. More that a quarter (27%) of Australian children are overweight or obese. Australia, like many countries, is seeing an increase […]

International Relations and Peace, Annual Report 2018

By Georgina Pickers NCWQ International Relations and Peace Adviser International Relations and Peace and Human Rights coexist – one dependant on the other.  Like the biblical Ten Commandments, the H.R. conventions should be at the foundation of our thoughts, words and actions.   The UN estimates the current global population at 7.2 billion, and like […]

Human Rights, Annual Report 2018

By Georgina Pickers NCWQ Human Rights Adviser At no time in human history have we been so well informed yet at the same time so unquestioning, accepting news as ‘fact’ or simply lacking healthy scepticism. The rise of social media has influenced this trend.  It may well be widening the gap in extreme opinions, reducing […]

Environment, Annual Report 2018

By Pat Pepper NCWQ Environment Adviser A range of environmental issues was researched and reported on during the year. Major issues included the impact of marine debris, micro and nano-plastics on the coastal and marine environment, and the impact of mega mines in the Galilee Basin.  Advocacy was undertaken on these issues.   Impact of […]

NCWQ Child and Family Annual Report: 2018

By Marjorie Voss NCWQ Child and Family Adviser Unfortunately, the social issues affecting the community have not decreased, but appear to have increased.   This report brings to the fore some of the newer issues and touches on past issues still affecting people to-day. Gambling:  In a report presented by Phil Mercer (BBC News, Sydney) it […]