NCWQ Arts, Letters and Music Report May 2019

By Jennifer Ann Davies, NCWQ Arts and Letters Adviser HISTORY, STORIES AND IMAGES CONNECT AND PROTECT: Something indelible gently nudges; alarmingly confronts; echoes, whispers or deeply touches us and enters our world, with every story, with every image, with every note… In the portfolios of the National Councils of Women, stories from past and present, […]

NCWQ Arts and Letters Report February 2019

By Jennifer Ann Davies NCWQ Arts and Letters Adviser   POETS, PERFORMANCES, PUBLICATIONS, POSSIBILITIES… The distinguished Australian Poet and Human Rights Advocate, Judith RODRIGUEZ, passed away on 22ndNovember 2018, aged 82. Judith had once said “You’ve got to give something to the world – poetry is my offering.” Tributes live on for Judith’s serenity, hope […]

NCWQ Music Report February 2019

By Jennifer Ann Davies NCWQ Music Adviser   With harmony and beauty, we compose, play, sing and enjoy…. ‘music’ (noun). Art of combining sounds of voice(s) or instrument(s) to achieve beauty of form and expression of emotion; sounds so produced; pleasant sound, such as: song of bird, murmur of brook, cry of hounds…The Concise Oxford […]