NCWQ Affiliates

NCWQ Affiliate Members The NCWQ has an extensive network of partners and affiliates across the state. The network of these organisations enables the sharing of information, effective communication and better support across all segments of our community. Applications to become a New Affiliate member are welcome. Featured Affiliates Forum Do you want to be a […]

Habitat Report Feb 2021

NCWQ Habitat Report: February 2021

Urban Design for Pandemics Paper #3. This paper focuses on lessons learned from a year of impacts from Coronavirus global pandemic and how cities have been at the centre of crises, cohesion and resilience.

Environment Report Feb 2021

NCWQ Environment Report: February 2021

By Pat Pepper, NCWQ Environmental Adviser Renewable technology has advanced, helped by the support and funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). Security and reliability of supply has led to an interest in systems off the main electricity grids and in batteries. In this report, Wave, Hydrogen, Bioenergy and Waste Energy, and Hybrid systems […]