Arts and Letters Report, February 2018

By Jennifer Ann Davies NCWQ Arts and Letters Adviser   Belonging …. People love to ‘belong’. Humans, one observes, respond to the symbiosis that exists between change and continuity. Creators in the fluid worlds of arts and letters enthral readers, listeners, viewers, observers and involve audiences, by linking the communal spirit of past, present and […]

Arts and Letters Report, January 2018

By Jennifer Ann Davies NCWQ Arts and Letters Report  The Languages of Living, Looking and Listening! Accredited performance storyteller with the Australian Guild of Storytellers, Kate Forsyth, has written: “…books are a magical gateway to other worlds and other times…For a while you walk…in someone else’s shoes, and you travel their journey of discovery with […]

Arts and Letters Report, November 2017

By Jennifer Ann Davies NCWQ Arts and Letters Adviser Almost holiday time for some!! Wonderful wit, warmth and wisdom wait for us, this holiday season! For the ‘time-poor’ there’s the novella! For the ‘pocket-poor’ there’s the library! For the eternally avid reader, there’s a range of interesting publishing houses! For the heart-sore, the saddened, there […]

Arts and Letters Report, August 2017

By Jennifer Ann Davies NCWQ Arts and Letter Adviser Connecting! Sharma mourned the fact that we have lost touch with our humanity; largely because human beings have never been less connected. Aldous Huxley begged us to be kinder to one another; and Mother Theresa said there should be less talk; but that we should take […]

NCWQ Arts and Letters Report, July 2017

By Jennifer Ann Davies, NCWQ Arts and Letters Adviser Raising spirits through writing, reading, responding, retrieving rituals, reciting, reporting, recognising, relating, researching, representing, recommending and recording is the quintessential purpose, pulse and heartbeat of the world of Arts and Letters! Like a tapestry being unrolled, however, there shimmers beneath the surface “…another shadowy net of […]