Arts and Letters Report February 2017

By Jennifer Ann Davies NCWQ Arts and Letters Adviser In a place of beauty, extraordinary legacies, change, and vibrant histories, indelible ghosts hover, whisper and smile……the Arts are still highly valued, not as fluffy stuff, nonsense, flippant and unnecessary, but as essential elements of knowledge, learning, understanding, communicating and living. The Arts, here, are quintessential […]

NCWQ Arts and Letters Report January 2017

By Jennifer Ann Davies, NCWQ Arts and Letters Adviser A New Year with New Opportunities! New Ways of evoking poetic versions of our fluid reality exist….be they through rhythmic sound effects, scratching pens, humming electronic devices, guitar music, sneezes, the buzzing of a bumble bee, song or action….new ways decidedly exist….fluid…hopeful…effective…artful, beautiful communications and expressions! […]

Arts & Letters Report November 2016

By Jennifer Ann Davies NCWQ Arts & Letters Adviser Miranda HINE won the inaugural Society of Fine Arts Association Museum Emerging Arts Writers’ Award, with her essay, “Self-Portrait- as Steve Hart: ADDING NEW VOICES TO OLD LEGENDS! We congratulate Miranda and the UQ Art Museum, and beg to borrow those few wonderful, welcome words – […]

Arts and Letters Report October 2016

By Jennifer Ann Davies NCWQ Arts and Letters Adviser PERFORMING ART Hauntingly beautiful music and elegant movement enchanted large, varied audiences in Regional Queensland, when the Queensland Ballet travelled ‘Tutus on Tour’ ..from late September through early October! Particularly potent was ‘Ershter Vals’ choreographed by Ma CONG, a gifted young man who will inevitably transcend […]

Arts and Letters Report July 2016

By Jennifer Ann DAVIES Arts and Letters Adviser NEW WAYS OF THINKING? Global and National concerns pervading grassroots, socio-political and economic problems, fears and issues are explored in a recent article ‘IS FREE TRADE BAD FOR THE WORLD?’ Informed writer, Rana FOROOHAR, believes that economic globalization is the surprise hot-button campaign issue of 2016. TIME […]