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A KUMBIA student has been given a helping hand from South Burnett Mayor Keith Campbell.

Samantha Crawford was awarded the South Burnett Mayor’s Bursary at the National Council of Women of Queensland Bursary Awards on July 26.

“It was a $1000 bursary for a female university student that had moved out of the region for tertiary education and played an active role in the community,” Ms Crawford said.

“I like to volunteer and take part in a lot of the events that help the town, I think the judges for the bursary found that good, that I like to volunteer.”

Ms Crawford said she had volunteered for several local organisations and events.

“We’ve had the Christmas Carnivals every year, I always help out at them with food prep and hot food stores,” the said.

“There was the centenary recently that I helped out with. I volunteer with running the food stall and Kumbia State School always has brain drain (trivia night) and I volunteer with running the food and will be volunteering again this year.

“I just like giving back. Kumbia is a small little place and it’s good to help people and make a difference.”

The 18-year-old Kingaroy State High School graduate studies a Bachelor of Primary Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

“It’s hard to move away, especially with all the costs of textbooks, so the bursary has helped in that regard,” she said.

The funds for the bursary came out of Mayor Keith Campbell’s discretionary funds.

Cr Campbell said he was delighted Ms Crawford was selected to receive the bursary.

“She is a very fine representative as a young woman with a strong sense of community,” Cr Campbell said.

“I’d like to think Samantha at some stage will return to our community, though irrespective which community she ends up teaching in she will be a great asset for that community to have.”

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