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NCWQ Rural, Regional & Remote Women Annual Report: 2020

By Tracey Martin NCWQ Rural, Regional & Remote Adviser (photo credit: Women in rural and regional Queensland are renowned for overcoming the barriers that can inhibit them reaching their

2020-2021 Management Committee – Call for Nominations

NCWQ is calling for nominations from dedicated and innovative women and men living in Queensland, to nominate for a position on the Management Committee for the 2020-2021 year. Calling for

2020 Annual Dinner

We invite our members, organisational members, families and friends to our 2020 Annual Dinner, to be held on 15 September, following the conclusion of our AGM. The Annual Dinner will

115th Annual General Meeting

NCWQ invites all Associate and Affiliate members, families, friends and prospective members, to attend the AGM and learn more about how you can support our growing organisation.   About The

NCWQ Arts and Letters Report: August 2020

By Jennifer Ann Davies, NCWQ Arts and Letters Adviser  Poverty, prostitution, poisoning, pain, paedophilia, people-poaching, panic, physical and psychological paralysis and perversions persist; potently pronounced in places, by the pandemic!

NCWQ Child, Youth and Family Report: July 2020

By Leanne Francia, NCWQ Child, Youth and Family Adviser (photo credit: The April report took a look at what life at home now looked like for families in the

NCWQ Habitat Report: July 2020

By Dr Donnell Davis, NCWQ Habitat Adviser This report covers: 1. NCWQ Narelle Townsend Urban Design Bursary 2020 2. Ngambany – Urban Design For Pandemics 3. Covid in Cities a.

NCWQ Environment Report: July 2020

By Pat Pepper, NCWQ Environmental Adviser Summary: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic  and since more than 70% of all new diseases emerging in humans are thought to have been

NCWQ Health Report: July 2020

By Dr Kathryn Mainstone, NCWQ Health Adviser Wearing Masks As more has been found out about the SARS-CoV-2 virus over time, our routines outlined by government have changed. Recently, over

Connecting women since 1905

The National Council of Women of Qld. Inc., which has been working for women in Queensland since 1905, is part of NCWA Inc. which was recognised by the Australian Government as one of three peak Women’s organisations in 2000.

How can I get involved?

1. Become a member.
2. Nominate to be part of the Management Committee or the panel of Advisers.
3. Attend NCWQ events and those of our affiliate organisations.
4. Refer issues affecting women to NCWQ.
Get Involved. Contact the NCWQ President.