About NCWQ

The National Council of Women of QLD. (Inc) is affiliated with National Council of Women of Australia Ltd. and the International Council of Women. Our patron is Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Jeannette Young AC PSM, Governor of Queensland


National Council of Women of Queensland (NCWQ) is a non-party-political, non-sectarian, not-for-profit, umbrella organisation with broadly humanitarian and educational objectives.

It seeks to raise the awareness of members as to their rights and responsibilities as citizens and encourages their participation in all aspects of community life.

Key Activities


Unite associates and societies of women, and of men and women, into an organisation for mutual counsel and cooperation.

Work for the empowerment of women and families and to promote equal status for women in law and fact.

Develop policies and responses on behalf of women on a state wide basis.

Act as a voice on issues and concerns of women at state and regional levels.

Link with the women of Australia and the International Council of Women through the National Council of Women of Australia and contribute to the implementation of their plans of action and policies.


The National Council of Women of Qld. Inc., which has been working for women in Queensland since 1905, is part of NCWA Ltd. which was recognised by the Australian Government as one of three peak Women’s organisations in 2000.

Queensland was first so enthused in 1903 by women who had set up Councils in Victoria and New South Wales but it was not until 1905 that a public meeting addressed by Mrs Henry Dobson of Tasmania, set up a formal organisation.

Twenty one societies joined; two of whom are still active members. Mrs J.T. Bell was the inaugural President. Very clearly from its inception the Council was a Council, not an organisation, to provide a common platform for work which is of interest to all, but may be beyond the scope and powers of any one organisation.

The scope of the work of the Queensland Council represented the needs of the changing times and its Standing Committee ensured that few community needs were unaddressed.

Some of the fields remained on the agenda for many years – peace and improved lifestyles for women and families, employment equality for women and particularly married women, women on juries, shopping hours, women police officers and so on. Other concerns disappeared as satisfactory outcomes resulted.

As community needs became apparent, the Council with its Conveners were involved in setting up organisations to cope with special needs and then to stand by and see these new organisations become self supporting and valued affiliates of the Council and always sure that the Council would remain sympathetic to their interest.

Organisation whose beginnings owed much to NCWQ were the Bush Nursing Association, the Family Planning Association, Children’s Film and Television Council, the first Women’s College at the University of Qld. Meals on Wheels, etc. Many of these organisation are still fulfilling a useful role in the community and our involvement with them has contributed to the status of the Council, particularly with Government.

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Parliamentary Watch Group

NCWQ Honorary Life Members

NCWQ Honorary Life Members include the following:

Dr Laurel Macintosh OBE, MB BS, DO, FRACO

Mrs Val Cocksedge OAM, DipHSc

Mrs Ailsa Scurr Dip.T

Mrs Noela O’Donnell AM

In recognition of the work done by these members: Download list of NCWQ Honorary Life Members for 2017-2018, and 2018-2019 (pdf 30kb). Source: NCWQ Annual Reports.

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