Advocacy Hubs

About our Advocacy Hubs

The NCWQ is currently reviewing its advisory structure to create Advocacy Hubs. Further information on this new structure will be provided in early 2024.

The proposed Advocacy Hubs are listed below:

Proposed Advocacy Hubs

  • Economic Independence
  • Education
  • Environment / Sustainability
  • Influence & Decision Making

Previous Adviser Reports

NCWQ Content Manager

NCWQ Education Report – May 2023

The increased availability and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education has created great interest in the Education Sector but also creates some concerns and challenges. Education Adviser Deslyn Taylor explores the issues.

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Environment Adviser's Report
NCWQ Content Manager

NCWQ Environment Report: December 2022

NCWQ Environment Adviser Pat Pepper writes that fusion energy, with its environmental credentials, may be a step closer to realisation. Two major branches of fusion energy research, Inertial Confinement Fusion and Magnetic Confinement Fusion, are being actively pursued.

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Cheryl Gray

NCWQ Environment Report 2021/2022

NCWQ ENVIRONMENT ADVISER’S REPORT 2021/2022 Prepared for the NCWQ 2022 AGM by Pat Pepper, NCWQ Environment Adviser. A range of environmental issues were researched and reported on during the year

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Cheryl Gray

NCWQ Arts Report 2021/2022

NCWQ ARTS, LETTERS & MUSIC 2021/2022 SUMMARY Prepared for the 2022 Annual General Meeting by Jennifer Ann Davies, NCWQ Arts, Letters and Music Adviser.     “Giving ATTENTION is the highest

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