To mark 2018 International Women’s Day, NCWQ is profiling an impressive women each day in the lead up to the 8th March. These featured young women are past NCWQ Bursary Recipients, and have demonstrated incredible leadership, success, community service, intelligence and commitment to their personal and professional passions. In today’s feature, past bursary recipient Anneliese McConnell shares her thoughts.

To learn more about the bursary program, keep an eye on our website in the coming month or two.  

What were the benefits to you in being a 2017 NCWQ bursary recipient?

Receiving the bursary allowed me to enrich my study opportunities in the year, and will continue to throughout my degree.

What are your goals for this year?

I would like to maintain a high academic standard, but also would like to be able to take time to enjoy myself and really make the most of my time spent at uni. This year, I would like to become even more involved in all aspects of the university life and throw myself into it all as much as possible. However,  I would also love to be able to make time for my other passion, which is music. I want 2018 to be a year of creation. I think having that kind of balance and always staying creative makes me happier, keeps my mind active, and makes it easier to achieve any academic goals I may have.

What is your personal mantra or self-talk that you use to keep yourself on track in pursuing your aspirations?

Wherever possible, I like to say yes to any opportunity that comes my way.

Who have been your most significant woman role models?

My most significant role model is definitely my mum. She has always shown such immense strength in the face of adversity, and inspires me every single day.

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