IWD 2018: Lucy Connolly, NCWQ Bursary Recipient

To mark 2018 International Women’s Day, NCWQ is profiling an impressive women each day in the lead up to the 8th March. These featured young women are past NCWQ Bursary Recipients, and have demonstrated incredible leadership, success, community service, intelligence and commitment to their personal and professional passions. In today’s feature, past bursary recipient Lucy Connolly shares her thoughts.

To learn more about the bursary program, keep an eye on our website in the coming month or two.  

What were the benefits to you in being a 2017 NCWQ bursary recipient?

Receiving the NCWQ Regional Bursary in 2017 gave me both financial security that enabled me to pursue my university degree and attend The Women’s College, whilst also provided me with several networking opportunities and allowed me to meet other likeminded women. On a personal note, being awarded this bursary validated my ambitions, and greatly boosted my self-esteem, as I now have a community of women who supported me.

What are your goals for this year?

In 2018, I plan to continue studying a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical) and Education (Secondary), with the intention of attempting the Gamsat medical entry exam. I will continue to live at The Women’s College, and fully immerse myself in college and university life. I will take part in several university programs, including becoming a tutor for first year Biology students, teaching learn to swim at the UQ pool and volunteering as a mentor in the UQ Young Scholars Program. In addition, I hope to continue my journey as a scuba diver and learn to surf. I have also been accepted as a volunteer at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and am looking forward to the many opportunities and experiences this will afford me.

What is your personal mantra or self-talk that you use to keep yourself on track in pursuing your aspirations?

There have been many times when I have doubted my abilities and have often believed that I was not as intelligent as others around me or did not deserve the same opportunities. During these times, I developed a personal mantra, which I continue to use to this day. In times like these, I will repeat to myself ‘I am enough’.

This serves as a constant reminder to stop comparing myself to others, and instead believe that I am just as strong, capable and worthy, and that I do have the talents and tools to succeed in whatever I choose.

Who have been your most significant woman role models?

My mother is the most resilient, kind-hearted and intelligent woman I know, and she is my most significant role model. She has been through many struggles in her life which I have personally witnessed, and she never fails to surprise me with her strength to overcome. She constantly reminds me that we are not defined by our circumstances, and that we ultimately have the power to choose happiness.

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