My Health for Life Program – Participant Feedback [Event Recap]

My Health For Life program feedback

The Qld govt funded health and lifestyle modification program My Health for Life program was offered to NCWQ members at the beginning 2022. As part of its mission to educate and empower women, the program was hosted online with 2 options (Monday evening, Wednesday afternoon). Both sessions were at capacity.


Participants feedback to date

Thank-you so very much for the opportunity you have given me to participate in the “My Health For Life” course. The first evening session, was SO great! It was my first time using Zoom too, so it was all new, but relatively easy to pick up. Saalihah is such a warm, friendly and engaging facilitator, who explains things really thoroughly and makes you feel so at ease and welcomed! I do suffer major depression and anxiety, so I was extremely nervous about participating, as I have never done anything like this before, but knew I needed to do something. As a result of week one going so well, I was really looking forward to the next week and I absolutely love the books that you kindly sent me, to go with the Zoom online course! They are so well set out with so much information and plenty of space to write and add extra notes in too! I just wanted to express how much I’m actually really glad I took the step to do this course, (even though to start with I was really unsure and not feeling too positive about it), and say thanks so very much for giving me all these opportunities to better myself! It is difficult for people like me, with mental illness on top of other chronic illnesses, to participate in things like this, but I actually feel it has been easier to do online, in the comfort of my own home, and without actually having to turn up somewhere unfamiliar and physically meeting and sitting with a group of people I don’t know. The experience so far has been just wonderful and I really am SO grateful 🙏 to have been included in this course! I really want to better myself, lose some weight, help prevent any future illnesses that I am predisposed to, and hoping I can do that. Learning how to, and being armed with the information, motivation and support is really going to help me so much! So thanks again and I just cannot express in words how super Wonderful “Saalihah” really is, and how awesome it is for her to be facilitating this course and sharing her knowledge with us all! I feel so lucky! 🙏😊
Kindest regards, E Phillips💖🌈


“I was a last minute enrolment for this program and have no regrets! I have been encouraging my close friends to do the program in the New Year. Saalihah is very knowledgeable and I loved her approach in delivering the program and empowering participants. At the very beginning of the group workshops, she mentioned a quote which she aligns with – “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” She consistently delivered on this analogy at every session with discussing “the what, the how, the why and the ‘so that’”. Knowing ‘what’ to do along with the ‘why we do it’ made a huge difference to me. The extra information she provided at each session was hugely beneficial – such as a sheet with useful apps, the TV and kettle exercise, plate portions, label reading card. My favourite session was session 5 with the discussion around brain function, the effect of stress hormones and techniques to manage stress. I highly benefited by the deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises which have helped with living and coping well. Doing these breathing exercises regularly has also improved my sleep. I’m so glad that Saalihah shared some of this with us in session 2 – I still remember her saying that she was giving us a tool for our toolkit in helping to manage stress!”
A Simons


“The abundance of helpful information given by the facilitator in a way you understand and can use daily. Also loved being part of this online program with such a great group of ladies.”
K Lyons


“It was nice to be educated about becoming healthy in such a pleasant manner. I am looking forward to experiencing all we have been taught and I look forward to the new me!”
K Morris


“I found the MH4L program extremely useful and informative. I have started being mindful about my food choices and also am more active than I was before I joined the program. Although I haven’t achieved my goal yet, due to unexpected health issues, I will continue to implement what I have learned to benefit not only me but my family too. Saalihah is such an engaging facilitator. Thank you.”
H Ingram


About My Health For Life Program

My health for life is a free, six-month program where you work with a health coach to achieve your health goals. It is a State government-funded initiative, delivered by an alliance of health organisations, and is designed to help Queenslanders stay well and lessen their risk of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. In a small group session conducted via videoconference, you’ll explore topics such as nutrition, physical activity, understanding your personal risk of developing health conditions and how to make healthier choices a part of everyday life.

Whether your goal is to get more active, eat better, stress less, or lose weight, the focus is on building a step-by-step plan to help you achieve your goals over time. Your group session will offer a positive and supportive environment to share and learn together, while working on your own personal health goals. The first online session is a one-on-one appointment to gain an understanding of your needs and goals. Total of 6 sessions, 2 hourly sessions run fortnightly and you will have a 4 week break between sessions five and six.

Another round of My Health for Life online programs will be offered to members in the second half of 2022.


For more information

Further information about the program is available at
or contact My Health for Life Facilitator, Saalihah on 0404 296 297 or email

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