Amanda Cam MP guest speaker at the NCWQ 2021 President's Lunch

NCWQ would like to thank all members and friends for attending the 2021 President’s Lunch at the Tattersall’s Club.

After rescheduling due to COVID, we are grateful that we had the opportunity to host an inspirational afternoon surrounded by driven women, featuring NCWQ and incoming NCWA President, Chiou See Anderson, and our guest speaker Amanda Camm (pictured above) MP for Whitsunday, Shadow Minister for Women’s Economic Security, Shadow Minister for Child Protection and Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence.

We would also like to congratulate our Treasurer, Ramona McGregor, for receiving the President’s Award for 2021 and especially for her dedication to facilitating our Empowerment Series events this year, which has been an important step towards achieving our goal of empowering Queensland women through education.


NCWQ treasurer, ramona, receiving the 2021 President's award from NCWQ president, Chiou See Anderson
NCWQ Treasurer, Ramona McGregor, receiving the President’s Award for 2021
NCWQ President, Chiou See Anderson
President's Lunch guets with NCWQ presedient
President’s Lunch members and friends


2021 president's Lunch fundraising for #itsinthebag
The president’s Lunch supported Share The Dignity’s #itsinthebag Christmas Appeal
NCWQ supporting Shae The Dignity
Chiou See and Saallihah supporting Share The Dignity’s #itsinthebag Christmas Appeal




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