NCWQ PhD Bursary: meet our 2018 recipient!

This year’s NCWQ bursary award ceremony was one to remember. Among the many special women being recognised for their achievements and talents, was Susan Gary.

Receiving the NCWQ PhD bursary, Susan was recognised for her achievements in a number of areas.

Over the last couple of years, bursaries offered in the NCWQ Bursary Program expanded to include female students studying at the PhD level. This bursary, sponsored anonymously, is continuing that tradition. The bursary recognises the importance of post-graduate study both to the career development of an individual and to research for the benefit of the wider community.

The value of this bursary is $1,000.00.

To apply for this bursary, the following criteria must have addressed in the Personal Statement:

  • A female student enrolled in a PhD (or other Doctorate) course, where the research will have an outcome of direct benefit to women and their families.
  • Able to demonstrate how your research focus has been articulated from your previous studies, experience in the workplace or participation in community groups or as a volunteer
  • Able to explain the practical benefits which you hope will flow from your research
  • An Australian citizen or a Permanent Resident of Australia.

NCWQ is very pleased to award this bursary to Susan in 2018.

Susan Gray has drawn on her many years’ experience as a community pharmacist and her training as a diabetes educator through University of Technology, Sydney to devise her PhD research project at University of Queensland.

The research focuses on the practice of pharmacists regarding Metformin medication use in gestational diabetes.  The project aims to improve the knowledge of emerging trends in the treatment of gestational diabetes, for pharmacists and other professionals.

Women with Polycystic Ovarian syndrome and Gestational diabetes have much higher risks of developing diabetes (particularly type 2) in later life.  By developing support programs and improving knowledge, Susan expects the women and their children to have more informed health professional support.

Congratulations Susan! We are so looking forward to following your exciting ongoing journey.

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