Message from the NCWQ President

Welcome message for President, Chiou See Anderson

Welcome to 2021 and to the National Council of Women of Queensland’s first electronic bulletin (for those receiving this in their inbox). Each month we will be delivering our eBulletin to all members and friends of NCWQ to keep you well informed and up to date. We also encourage you to connect with us on Facebook for the occasional photo and post on recent happenings, activities and events.

As we continue our journey to streamline and bring our Council into the digital era, we are pleased to advise you that we have now completed the transfer of all records to cloud-based storage. This includes historical, financial and membership records. We’ll be sharing some of the interesting finds we discovered in the dusty archives in the coming weeks.

Our Bursary 2021 Program has also undergone a digital makeover. Thanks to team Bursary led by Kathy Cavanagh with assistance from Kley McPherson, our Webmaster, this year’s bursary applications will be collated and assessed electronically. We look forward to launching the programme in April and anticipate an enthusiastic response from applicants. 

Your committee has been working tirelessly to ensure that your Council remains relevant and inclusive. Starting in Feb 2021, we invite members and their guests to join us for a monthly networking event. At our first event on the 11th, we have the pleasure of having Dr Beverley Rowbotham speak on the hot topic of how to get Women on Boards. Change comes from leadership and much can be achieved from participating at a strategic level. We hope you can join us on this inaugural occasion. 

History is an important element of the success and narrative of the National Council of Women of Queensland. This month, we are delighted to showcase one of our Life Members, Dr Laurel McIntosh

As your President working with your elected members, we are constantly seeking ideas and support to continue the good work that has been achieved by members past and present. Please contact us if you have skills in areas that could help your Council to be better and stronger.

NCWQ PresidentWarm Regards
Chiou See Anderson
NCWQ President


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