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Membership Application Confirmation

THANK YOU! Your Membership Application has been successfully submitted.

What Happens Next?

  1. A copy of your application has been emailed to you. Please check your Spam folder if you haven’t received it.
  2. A copy of your Membership Application has been submitted to the Membership Coordinator of the National Council of Women of Queensland Inc (“NCWQ”).
  3. The Membership Coordinator performs a review of your application and will be in touch should the coordinator require further information.
  4. For eligible and completed applications, the application is submitted to the NCWQ Management Committee at the committee’s bi-monthly meeting for approval.
  5. New members are notified immediately following that bi-monthly committee meeting.
  6. A NCWQ welcome pack is provided to the new member.

Thank you again for your membership application.

If you have any further questions, please reply to your Membership Application Confirmation email. 

We also recommend connecting with us via Facebook or Instagram for up to date information including event invitations, workshops and member information.

How can I get involved?

1. Become a member.
2. Nominate to be part of the Management Committee or Advisers panel.
3. Attend NCWQ events and those of our affiliate organisations.
4. Refer issues affecting women to NCWQ.
5. Connect with us on Facebook.

Get Involved. Contact the NCWQ President.