By Jennifer Ann Davies  

…….bringing you a variety of Women writers and writers for Women, in the dynamic world of Literature!  …adding a wonderful weave of Women Artists, all of whom love COLOUR!  ….. rounding this all off with depth and action on stage! 

Relationships, change, friendship and war history ‘bond’ the delightful writer, Georgie Sinclair and eccentric Jewish émigré, Mrs Shapiro, in the Penguin publication, “We Are All Made of Glue” ! From the best-selling author of “A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian” and “Two Caravans”, MARINA LEWYCKA, this humour-infused novel delights the reader!!

Humour, the unlikely and sheer nonsense are but film-like veils, allowing the relational ebbs and flows between ‘bonding’ and ‘bondage’, smelly cats, slimy real-estate agents, social workers, clarity and visibility!  Journeying from Highbury (England) to wartime Europe, to the Middle East, this unusual novel has a poignancy infusing the story of a very unlikely friendship!

……….and moving from the humour and the poignancy, is another Penguin publication, taking the reader to a fantasy world that is neither old nor new – not near, nor far – wonderfully known yet unknown…..

“Scatterlings” is an enthralling and exotic fantasy, from Australia’s ISOBELLE CARMODY.  Isobelle, born in Wangaretta in 1958, now lives on the Great Ocean Road, near Apollo Bay, Victoria. Following successful publications, “Obernewtyn” and “The Farseekers”, Isobelle continues her thematically challenging authorship in “The Keeping Place”, the third book in the Obernewtyn Chronicles.

“…For a long time there was silence and endless sleep.  Then came a grinding sound – a metallic scream and a dazzling flash of whiteness…Merlin…cannot even remember her face…Only one thing is certain: this is not her world, though it might once have been….” 


  …Well acclaimed and long published physician, psychiatrist and writer, DR. GORDON LIVINGSTON, continues to rise, in the eyes of the world in general and of Women in particular. Publisher’s Weekly wrote of Livingston’s “Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart”  “…Among the many blithe and hollow self-help books available everywhere, this book stands out as a jewel….”

Although I explore many books, some of which are dense with ideas, fraught with contrasting ideologies; and others, simply thematically complex, I was delighted with the pragmatic truths posited in a gift – “AND NEVER STOP DANCING!” This small, simple, yet profound gift is dedicated to Livingston’s children and grandchildren – Hodder Aust. ISBN: 07336 21198

“After a bomb killed two dozen young people at a Tel Aviv disco a few years ago, Israeli youth refused to be cowed.  They resumed a robust nightlife.  Today, outside the scene of the bombing, beneath a stone memorial…..is a single inscription: LO NAFSEEK LIRKOD…

It means: “WE WON’T STOP DANCING!” Gene Weingarten: The Washington Post Magazine

After ploughing through many books which promote the content as having generated specifically and uniquely from each author, it was refreshingly honest to read: “…Many people’s ideas are contained in this book…”

Many writers, lecturers and gurus complicate paradox, forgiveness, relationships, dignity, attachment, intelligence, happiness and Beauty!  This author SIMPLIFIES all of these elements of Life – without being patronising or egotistical in the slightest.

“… So much wisdom, so many quotable aphorisms in such a compact book.  Read it!” Rabbi Harold KUSHNER: author of “When Bad Things Happen to Good People.

“Secrets for joyful living spill forth.  We learn that the most precious gift is learning to forgive ourselves…” Mehmet OZ M.D. co-author of “You: The Owner’s Manual”.

“Dr Livingston strikingly renews our understanding of major issues…ageing, relationships, self-worth, responsibility and…meaning…he writes most profoundly from the standpoint of a human being who has faced life’s ups and downs himself, with suffering, courage and humour.” Robert Grudin, author of “Time and the Art of Living”.

This book may also be borrowed from me if you wish!! 


In the dynamic and different world of Visual Art, Sarah MCDONALD offers some wonderfully soul-piercing and diverse artwork in her series “Travel Diaries” – www.sarahmcdonald.com.au

Extraordinary thematic variation flavours and enhances the artworks of our talented Women Artists, in Australia, and includes Anne BOURNE, whose works are currently exclusive to CWM Galleries in Sydney NSW. To view vibrant contemporary still life…..and more….in stunning colour, some of these works may be viewed on: www.cwmgalleries.com.au

Annette SPINKS is another Australian Artist who has her studio established in the seaside town of Inverloch, Victoria.  She states that she is particularly drawn to nature…expressing a love of the ocean, its energy and fluidity.  Annette’s online gallery:  annettespinks.com.au

  Jacqui CLARK has a penchant for painting EYES.  She says: “I think they have the ability to get you to really connect with the painting…”  Jacqui is yet another artist who loves colour!  ART EDIT Jan/Mar 2014 Issue 01.

Jacqui works with portraits, people, pieces and palates, where she…  “…lets the drips run and the paint go where it wants to…” p.17

 Moving further North………

Creative contemporary, Belinda WARFIELD, has been exploring more stunning colour and art from some amazing Women Artists in the Maningrida region of the Northern Territory!

Long known for their objects crafted and coloured from natural fibres, collected in the bush, these vibrant Women Artists now depart from that traditional repertoire, to bring to the public for the first time, an exhibition of Women’s work on paper!

“BUSHCOLOUR”  – the new exhibition, “…celebrates the strength and vibrancy of Women’s Art…(and)…in its bold handling of subject matter traditionally dealt with and discussed by men….makes a voluble statement and a resounding impression…”  Fiona Salmon, Senior Arts Adviser, Maningrida Arts & Culture/Judy Watson, Curator     www.bu.aust.com/-maningrida/welcome 

Local Director, AVRIL DUCK, brings “Hot subject in new play…”!! Cairns FNQ

JUTE Theatre Company’s latest show, Sentinel Chickens, by Tony Robertson, is being led by this innovative local Director, who, with her team of creative artists, recently dazzled audiences with  a collaborative Propelled !

The new production, a witty take on the current refugee debate, is Robertson’s second JUTE production, and Duck’s first time as a director with this dynamic company.

Duck believes in theatre’s power as a tool for social change and expects that this show will provide a window or opportunity for precisely this.

Blending, again, “…..the sacred search for identity…….(the show)…treads a fine line between offending tradition and expecting self-reflection….” Cairns Sun:Wed Mar 19:2014.p.7

“Only live theatre can tread this line quite as precariously and when we slip either way it’s funny.  To laugh at ourselves gives us the power to change…” smiles Duck!

Production opens 28th March, 2014.  My nephew, from Mackay, plays a major role in this show!

I have had some wonderful Adventures in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, but will relay Arts/Letters news in my next newsletter!

Arts and Letters Adviser Report April-May 2014

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