NCWQ Habitat Report: March 2021

NCWQ Habitat Adviser's Report

By Dr Donnell Davis, NCWQ Habitat Adviser

Draft Report – UN CSW63 – Inclusive Infrastructure

This year the Commission on the Status of Women (UN CSW63) has a theme that extends to inclusive infrastructure. Because we comprise half the population, women should have a say in the
decisions for a vital and responsive living environment appropriate for women, children, elders, and vulnerable communities. This extends to policies, processes and community practices for:

  • Town planning (urban design and regional planning)
  • Social, technological and economic infrastructure (schools, hospitals, transport systems, access to essential services, wifi-communication technology, accessible community meeting and eating places, green recreational areas and safe public spaces)
  • Family-friendly design (so kids can play safely)
  • Intergenerational access – universal design (for elderly and impaired)
  • Culturally inclusive principles
  • Design for crime prevention, vitality for safe mobility, visitation and daily use
  • Micro-architecture for homes, multiple dwellings, intensive housing
  • Macro-planning for preventing and mitigating climate disasters
  • Regional food production for urban populations


Download the PDF report here (620kb)


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