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With the 2016 round of NCWQ Bursaries opening next week, 2015 recipient Cassandra Noonan reflected on what her Bursary means to her. A recipient of the Mayor Wayne Kratzmann bursary, Cassandra was recognised for her academic and personal achievements, including community contributions. Reflects Cassandra,

“I would like to thank all involved with the NCWQ bursary program 2015, especially Mayor Wayne Kratzmann and the selection panel. I first read about the bursaries and thought that I was not worthy of entry. Discussion with my family and friends I reluctantly entered, with no expectations. It was only after winning the bursary that I allowed myself to acknowledge the person others see. Studying Bachelor of Nursing, wife and mother to three growing children, volunteering with the local junior soccer club, and army cadet unit, and having just returned from a life changing experience volunteering in Nepal with the university, I was still under the impression I was not doing enough with my life at the time. What followed was a tough year, my study required me to leave my family and juggle other volunteering responsibilities for 12 weeks”.

Despite these challenges, Cassandra persisted, and has reaped the rewards.

“The bursary award money was very beneficial towards the expenses involved with travel. One year on I have graduated from university and I have had time to reflect on the person I have changed into. Known quite often as the “timid mouse”, I am now the person that is advocating for my family, friends and others in my life, I recently felt empowered enough to take a situation that had me standing up for myself. I believe if it was not for the recognition in receiving the NCWQ Mayor Wayne Kratzmann 2015 Bursary last year and having to acknowledge that I am indeed worthy, that I would not have been able to take my shivering scared body up to advocate for myself. “We all place ourselves in danger to one degree or another when we stand up, but we place our children and grandchildren in even greater danger when we don’t” author unknown. I am a stronger today and I able to give even more strength to others because of it”. 

The 2016 NCWQ Bursary applications open on Monday 15th February.



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