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Issues Reporting

NCWQ issues advisory team investigate and produce a diverse range of reports.

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The NCWQ is actively involved in many areas impacting the life of women.

Our advisers produce reports on matters including Ageing, Arts, Family, Children, Economics, Environment & Health.

The NCWQ actively engages with a cohort of State Advisers, who each research and report on up to date issues across various sectors and topic areas.

Please note: The views and opinions expressed in the individual Advisers reports are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the National Council of Women Queensland.

Current Issue Reports

Arts Report October-November 2021

NCWQ Arts Report: October 2021

“It’s a PHOENIX,” said Ginie, “to remind us all beautiful things can be reborn of ashes!” Read more from NCWQ Arts Adviser, Jennifer Ann Davies in the October - November 2021 Art Adviser's report.
NCWQ Rural, Regional and Remote Women Report July 2021

NCWQ Rural, Regional & Remote Women Adviser Report: July 2021

NCWQ July Rural, Regional and Remote Women Report By Tracey Martin, NCWQ Adviser. This report focuses on social isolation and the resulting issues. A number of recommendations proposed by the Queensland Government are outlined.
Mitigating Isolation through Urban Design

NCWQ Habitat Report: July 2021

In this report, Dr Donnell Davis discusses designing our homes, neighbourhoods and cities to mitigate isolation. Dr Davis addresses options for designing to prevent and mitigate the impacts of forced or voluntary isolation, in several scales and across generations. There are different needs for children, youth, families and the ageing populations.
NCWQ Environment Report July 2021

NCWQ Environment Report: July 2021

NCWQ July Environment Report By Pat Pepper, NCWQ Environmental Adviser. Researchers at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) have shown that without major disturbances from cyclones, coral bleaching and crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks, coral reefs can recover as measured by hard coral cover.  But that the composition of coral species can change.  However, if the frequency and severity of disturbances increases, as expected from climate change, recovery could be more difficult.
NCWQ Health report - Social Isolation

NCWQ Health Advisor Report: July 2021

NCWQ Health Report - Social Isolation by Dr Kathryn Mainstone, NCWQ Health Adviser. For those who are experiencing social isolation, a doctor’s appointment may represent a unique opportunity to identify people who may be at risk and to start the process of intervention.
Education and the Digital Divide

NCWQ Education Report: July 2021

By Deslyn Taylor, NCWQ Education Advisor. The focus of this report is on Education and the Digital Divide. “Many parents are worried the disruptions of COVID lockdowns and school closures may affect their children’s mental health and development.” Impact of Social Isolation may differ depending on the child’s situation.
Arts Report August 2021

NCWQ Arts Report: August 2021

The first WOW! (Women of the World) festival to be held in Cairns FNQ will open with a concert on Friday 6 August 2021. Read more from NCWQ Arts Adviser, Jennifer Ann Davies in the August 2021 Adviser's report.
Release of Australian Endometriosis Guideline

New Endometriosis Guidelines from the RANZCOG

On 27th May 2021 the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology released new Australian clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of endometriosis. NCWQ Members and Supporters are reminded of the call to action to the Qld state government, requesting representation on funding for education of girls in Queensland schools about endometriosis.
Arts Report June - July 2021

NCWQ Arts Report: June 2021

Great Reverence for FOOD has been evident in children’s faerie tales and nursery rhymes! Read more from NCWQ Arts Adviser, Jennifer Ann Davies in the June / July 2021 Adviser's report.

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