NCWQ President Report, Dec 2021

A message from the NCWQ President

As this year draws to a close, I present a quick update for our members, supporters and friends. I wish all a safe and happy festive season.


Introducing our 2021 NCWQ 2021-2022 Committee

  • President – Chiou See Anderson
  • Vice Presidents – Caroline Snow, Erin Cunningham
  • Treasury – Ramona McGregor
  • Secretary – Gail Ker
  • State Coordinator – Pat Pepper
  • Committee Members – Kathy Cavanagh, Ronda Nix, Sandra Smith and Saalihah Seedat
NCWQ Management Committee at the President's Lunch Nov 2021


1. Submissions to Queensland Government
  • Inquiry into social isolation and loneliness in Queensland
  • Queensland Renewable Energy Zones
  • New Strategy for Queensland Women and Girls


2. Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia (PPFA)

  • After almost 12 months of lobbying and a deep dive into the mechanics of the funding and fund-raising for endometriosis education, NCWQ is elated to learn that our advocacy efforts with the PPFA resulted in the Queensland government requesting an all-schools proposal to provide endometriosis and pelvic pain education to Year 9 and 10 students. This is in addition to the Federal Health Minister Hunt’s approval to get started across Australia by proportionately offering the program to all Independent and Catholic Schools.



1. NCWQ Bursary

13th Bursary Presentation at the heritage listed Old Museum Building on the 6th Oct
Bursary Recipients with now retired, NCWQ’s Patron, His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC CVO, Governor of Queensland, and Chiou See Anderson NCWQ President


2. Educational series

  • Doctors on Board – Dr Beverley Rowbotham
  • Professional Development Bootcamp – Saalihah Seedat
  • International Women Day’s at United Service Club – Chiou See Anderson
  • Setting Your Business for Success – Alexandra Geelan
  • Tax Tips and Tricks – Ramona McGregor
  • Financial Wellness – Rhiannan Smit
  • Planning for Tomorrow – Jade Duncan
  • Taking Control of Your Financial Independence – Panel Discussion



  • Associate – NCWQ welcomed 35 associate members this calendar year, our largest new membership increase ever. Of note is the fact that this year’s intake is made up of mainly professional women (medical doctors, lawyers and accountants) in their 30s. Our committee attributes this to the educational series that we ran this year. It is our intent to encourage our new members to contribute to our advocacy work by adding to our small team of advisers.


NCWQ Patron Announcement

  • On October 31st, we farewelled NCWQ’s Patron, His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC CVO, Governor of Queensland retired from his role as Patron of NCWQ.
  • On Nov 1st, Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Jeanette Young PSM, Governor of Queensland, accepted the role of Patron of NCWQ for the duration of her term in office.

NCWQ Patron, Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Jeannette Young PSM, Governor of Queensland

NCWA President (2021 – current)

  • NCWQ President Chiou See Anderson appointed as NCWA President. Chiou See follows the footsteps of Past NCWQ Presidents Elsie Blyth (1945-1948) and Laurel Mcintosh (1979-1982)




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