Applications for the NCWQ Bursary Program open on Monday 12 April 2021.

Please be advised that Applications for the NCWQ Bursary Program are set to open on Monday 12 April 2021.

Arrangements are being finalised with our sponsors for this year’s bursary program. Although the full list of offerings is not quite complete, we expect the final result to be similar to those offered last year.

On-Line Submission – the big change this year will be the provision of online submission for applications. (A paper-based option will continue to be available, recognising the diverse needs of applicants, easy access, etc.) The on-line approach will also streamline some of the behind-the-scenes administration processes. Currently being developed, all will be thoroughly tested before going live.

Team Bursary is also coming together, with a few new additions to our regular members.

For any information about the 2021 Bursary Program, please contact Kathy Cavanagh, NCWQ Bursary Program Manager at or send a Query here.

Regardless of any COVID restrictions which may be applicable at the time of the bursary presentation in early August, the E-Yearbook, an initiative to counteract our changed world in 2020, will continue.

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