NCWQ Arts Report: January-February 2022

Arts Report January-February 2022

By Jennifer Ann Davies, NCWQ Arts, Letters and Music Adviser (

Breathing new life into a New Year, after a tired, chaotic year, ABC Classical Radio broadcast Beethoven. Poignant with the theme of deep though often unattainable love, as were Brahams’ beautiful works, the Irish lilt of the Announcer spoke of Beethoven’s “The Emperor” as a revitaliser; saying that one could not help but have a strong sense of “ a Regal Gentleness” and playfulness listening to this delicious piece. Australian Broadcasting Commission/Classical Radio 1/2022. SDGs 3/4

A New Year

Shakespeare in the North

Verdi & Beethoven in the South,

Performance and Poetry in the North

Classical and Cool in the South

William Cooper in the North

Chong Kim Chiew & Alia Faird in the South.


Shakespeare matters – Beethoven too

Performance, poetry, classical & new…  

Enjoying these helps to renew

 Calm & Confidence

for You and You and You!


As our Borders opened to allow a rush of visitors, COVID infections rose and continue to spike, destroying Health, Life, livelihoods and equilibrium. Performers, artists, musicians, sound and lighting magicians and many others have been seriously affected. Health workers struggle with an influx of ill and at times, dying. Those who chose to remain unvaxed are unable to remain in some professions and society has a necessary division between those who are and are not vaccinated. Most who were double vaxed and still contracted the nasty virus KNOW how cruel the illness is but they also advise that they realise how much worse it could have been had they NOT been vaccinated!   The ‘tourism’ operators, who cried loud and long have generated some business, but at what price, one wonders? At what price? Little ones are ill and some have died. The news broadcasters are not clear on what strain of COVID people have and our State government has, it seems, discontinued contact tracing – people ‘pretend’ to check in, but don’t actually do so. Mysteries and questions hang in the air….and in worried minds and hearts. One of the treats we can still experience, is FILM! SDGs 3/4/1/2/8/11

Movie theatres are highly organised checking that members of the audience are double vaccinated and that they have a certificate to confirm this status. MASKS are still necessary, but it is a little more comfortable than wondering about one’s neighbour, particularly when either roaring with laughter or spilling sad tears, during a film! – Recently, ‘The King’s Man’ was of high interest and “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” entertaining. SDGs 3/11/17/4

COMMUNITY RESPONSES TO SOME OF THE EFFECTS OF COVID INFECTIONS : Vinnies and other  large scale charities are calling for donations to pause amid a volunteer crisis, due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19 in the North, and in other regional areas of Queensland. Social Services agency Centrecare FNQ launched their first three pop-up shops for 2022, including the Manunda School Savvy Shop at Raintrees Shopping Centre. Another is about to open in Innisfail Shire Hall February 2-3. Community members could help this important initiative by donating school uniforms, pencil cases, backpacks, books or with a financial donation to help with items like dictionaries and calculators. School Savvy has now begun its sixth year of operation, but this is a critical year, because of the effects of COVID.  p.3 Jan 21 2022. SDGs 1/3/4/10/17


Buildings all over Austria are illuminated ORANGE to bring awareness to the campaign addressing violence against women.


COVID UPDATE TO GIVE US HOPE: Extracts from: Eleonore Hauer-Rona President NCW Austria and Advisor for Music for ICW/CIF. “The Club der Wiener Musikerinnen (Association of Women Musicians of Vienna) was lucky holding five events since the summer break, the recent one two days before the start of the present lockdown. We managed to hold the General Assembly for the years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021. A violincellist presented compositions for violoncello solo by contemporary women composers including her own ones together with an exhibition of her own paintings.” Many thanks to our wonderful Eleonore Hauer-Rona for the extracts I have lifted from her report for ECICW General Assembly November 2021. The campaign operating to address violence against women played a significant role at the General Assembly gatherings. SDGs 1/2/3/4/5/10/11/16/17


SDGs? These are SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS, established by the United Nations, with whom we all work, and relevant PLANS OF ACTION are developed and revised by Standing Committees. ICW-CIF? International Council of Women and Conseil International des Femme. Our Triennial Theme has been: “Social protection for all women and girls.  Sustainable development for the world.” A brief excerpt about Arts/Letters from the worldwide Plans of Action: “ARTS and LETTERS can be a way to communicate, to inspire, empower and protect women and girls to achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves and their families, in a world of sustainability.”

MUSIC: Excerpts from Plans of Action aim to promote equality to women musicians and composers in applying for positions; recognize music as a form of communication to promote health and wellbeing; insist on equal pay and promoting traditional folk music. It’s easily seen that many promotions, projects, actions, submissions, performances and communications in each of our portfolios can criss-cross, or sit in juxtaposition with others. Ultimately, myriad SDGs are serviced through the worlds of Arts, Letters and Music.


ART: The Queensland Art Gallery is a beautiful Art Museum which complements the Gallery of Modern Art only 150 metres from each other in the city of Brisbane.  The Museum of Brisbane is in the same complex and each provides wonderful exhibits of interest. The 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art continues through to April 25 2022 at QGOMA. SDGs 3/4/8

The KITE Gallery has a base in Cairns City.  THE KITE POP UP Gallery is sited at Smithfield Shopping Centre, enroute to the Northern Beaches. Local ARTISTS advise that they have sold many more works than would be usual, because of the Covid epidemic in this area. When the borders were opened, many southern visitors purchased art works – paintings, ceramics, pottery, sculptures – and even since people are more wary, because so many are very sick, local artists have continued to sell their wares. This is a rare and bountiful gift from the virus! – SDGs 3/4/8/12

LETTERS (LITERATURE): Libraries are open in most Queensland areas. Book SWAP centres continue to exist for those who choose not to enter libraries, where all librarians had not been instructed to wear masks. A pot-pourri of choices exist.

SISTERHOOD – V.R. Grey  Quercus Editions Ltd. London 2021 (c.Isabelle Grey) Two Sisters – Two different paths – One devastating secret.  “Involving and exciting with not one but two engaging heroines and a story that takes many unexpected turns.” Adele GERAS, author of ‘Dangerous Women’ (writing as Hope Adams). SDGs 3/10/17

YOU NEED TO KNOW – Nicola Moriarty – Harper Collins Publishers Australia, Sydney. 2021 NICOLA is a Sydney based novelist, copywriter and mum to two small daughters.  Author, Liane Moriarty, is one of her beloved sisters and there are echoes of a shared past in the novels of each, about secrets and lies. Everybody’s hiding something! “A pacy, gripping thriller, but also full of heart and plenty of laughs for comic relief.  Key themes of mental health and the different ways humans control each other and the importance of friendship, shine brightly, wrapped in an .absorbing, terrifying tale that perfectly captures the zeitgeist.” Sunday Telegraph SDGs 3/10/16

It is unfortunate that Harper Collins’ editors have not adjusted the impossibly ‘different TO’ to the linguistically correct . ‘different FROM’. This faux pas is evident in Australian novels published in 2021 and now into 2022. Disappointing.*

…from Light, quick and quirky to depth and thrills: 

HEIRESS ON FIRE – Kellie McCourt.

This Aussie writer romps through Sydney’s celebrity culture accessorised with a marvellous murder mystery.” Tracey Spicer, Harper Collins, Sydney NSW 2021 SDGs 3/10/11/12


‘…a fresh new voice in women’s fiction.’ Ann Garvin, author. Alcove Press New York. 2020 SDGs 3/4/10 . Agatha Arch: A prickle of porcupines. A cauldron of bats. An obstinacy of buffalo. A mischief of rats….read on!

THE DOG SITTER – Zara Stoneley.

Harper Collins Publishers London 2021. Strangers…the Lakes District…..hmmmm. SDGs 3/4/11/17

THE UNHEARD – Nicci French.

(Pseudonym for partnership of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French). Simon & Schuster UK Ltd 2021. A child sees everything – but who will believe her? “Meticulously plotted, psychologically astute.” Sarah Vaughn. SDGs 3/4/16

SHELTER – Harlan Coben.

‘This is the first in a series written for teenagers, from Coben, one of acknowledged masters of the modern thriller…Older folk will love this cracking new series, too.’ Irish  Independent.  Explore!  SDGs 3/4/10/17

TALK UNDER WATER – Kathryn Lomer.

This Australian writer, journalist, poet and ESL tutor is published by UQ. University of Queensland Press, St Lucia Qld. 2015 Includes SIGN LANGUAGE ALPHABET provided by Dear Services Qld and funded by the Australian Council for the Arts and Arts Tasmania. Both Will and Summer are missing a parent and needing a friend…delightful! SDGs 3/4/16/17

THE NARROWS – Michael Connelly.

‘All they did was trade one monster for another. Instead of a dragon they now have a snake. A giant snake that sleeps in the narrows and bides its time until the moment is right and it can open its jaws and swallow someone down.’ John Kinsey, father of a boy lost in the narrows, Los Angeles Times, July 21, 1956. Murder – a serial killer – a cold case and fresh blood. The great Harry Bosch is here again – mingling the gentle with the gross. “You can become unhinged and cut loose from the world. You can believe you are a permanent outsider. But the innocence of a child will bring you back and give you the shield of joy with which to protect yourself……” p.34 Orion/Little Brown & Coy. NY 2004 SDGs 1/2/3/4/8/11/6


Last but not least we offer our Best Wishes to those who celebrate the LUNAR New Year! This year is the Year of the Tiger – baishou zhi wang = the King of 100 beasts!

Our Asian neighbours and friends celebrate slightly differently, but all celebrate the Lunar New Year  as distinct from the Solar New Year celebrations.  China usually celebrates for 15 days and uses  – many red decorations, ribbons and gifts to confer good luck and abundance! Korea celebrates for 3 days, we are told, with a focus on honouring family elders. Vietnam (Tet) pays off all debts where possible and welcomes a New Year. Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan use Polka Dots as gifts – these re worn as a symbol of Prosperity. Some residents of Japan are said to continue to celebrate the Lunar New Year – this practice commenced at a time when Japan was influenced by Chinese culture.

Baishou zhi wang – the Tiger is said to possess many traits. The Tiger is believed to be brave, strong-willed, playful, enthusiastic, impatient, fearless and possesses a strong sense of justice!





Jennifer Ann Davies, NCWQ Arts, Letters and Music Adviser

Stay well, safe, healthy and happy!
May you find your ‘shield of joy’ with which to protect yourself!

Jennifer Ann DAVIES
National Council of Women Queensland Inc.
International Council of Women/ Conseil International des Femmes



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