Bursary program Update for August 2021

Bursary Presentation

Wednesday 6 October is the re-scheduled date for the presentation to the 2021 NCWQ Bursary Recipients. Full details are available here. We have all our fingers crossed that it will happen – this time.  We can’t sit on our hands; we just have to plan and hope.

Changing dates for the presentation doesn’t impact on the actual bursary funds, as with electronic banking all recipients have received payment.



The E-Yearbook is well under development, with the expectation of launching it at the AGM on Wednesday 15 September. It will also be highlighted at the Bursary presentation. It is a great way of bringing together all of the bursary recipients, forming a tangible memento of their success.

My continuing thanks to Team Bursary – we adjust and accommodate the changes that we accept as the “new” normal..

2020 Recipient, Lakeisha (Lucky) Patterson is competing in the Paralympics. She has previously claimed “gold” at both the 2015 World Championships and the 2018 Commonwealth Games. After this time of disruption, we all wish her success for Tokyo and a safe and healthy return home.


Further Information

For any information about the  Bursary Program, please contact Kathy Cavanagh, NCWQ Bursary Program Manager at bursaries@ncwq.org.au or send a Query here.



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