This event has been held for many years, orchestrated by Noela O’Donnell AM and supported by many loyal followers.

After COVID restrictions last year, we were all especially anticipating this year’s bursary fund-raising event. And the 200 people attending were not disappointed!

With Tattersalls Club  providing the ambience, service and high tea, we were entertained by the delightful Sue Wighton. Previously a columnist in the Courier Mail, the multi-talented Sue sang mostly her own compositions, often tongue-in-cheek, and definitely enjoyed.

With the theme to honour nurses, lucky door prizes provided relevant snippets and stories, then with Joy Wilson giving us more in-depth information. Fashions were once again provided by Lee from Soubrét Pink, the models showing off current trends with style with aplomb.

Bridie Shooter, a 2020 recipient of the NCWQ-sponsored bursary for students from regional or rural Queensland relocating to continue their tertiary study, was guest speaker. Definitely confirming her selection as recipient, Bridie spoke eloquently about the opportunity provided by the bursary for her, but within the broader context of her visit to the Solomon Islands, and education there. The image of an orange vest moving across the river, hand held high so the exercise book and pencil arrived in working order, remains with us all – a true testament of what education can really mean.

This event has been held for many years, orchestrated by Noela O’Donnell AM and supported by many loyal followers.

We thank you for guaranteeing funds for the NCWQ-sponsored 2022 bursaries.

Fashion Parade by Soubrét Pink – models
Sue Wighton – Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer
NCWQ Regional/Remote 2020 Bursary Recipient – Bridie Shooter

About The Bursary Program

Established in 1905, the National Council of Women of Queensland Inc. (NCWQ) continues to represent the voice of thousands of women through its affiliated organisations and individual membership.

The bursary program, since its commencement in 2009, indicates the strong commitment of NCWQ to equality of opportunity for all women, especially in offering assistance to Queensland female students as they pursue their chosen pathway of study.

The 2021 program, through NCWQ and its sponsors, offered a range of bursaries, to assist Queensland women with their educational expenses. Most bursaries are valued approximately $1,000 each.

For further information about the Bursary Program, please contact Kathy Cavanagh, NCWQ Bursary Program Manager at or send a query here.



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