UPDATE – 2021 Bursary Applications are coming in quickly!

Bursary applications are coming in

Applications Open Now

Applications are coming in for the 2021 NCWQ bursary program

With 35 bursaries on offer, they range from Year 12 to PhD students, some for various fields of study, some for place of residence, some for specific groups, including disability, mental illness, refugee background, LGBTIQ, Indigenous.

We thank our sponsors – three levels of government; affiliated members of NCWQ; and individuals. We are grateful that this generosity brings such benefits to Queensland female students.


Please share

Applications close 2 June 2021, so please pass on the bursary information through your networks and amongst your circle of friends and family, encouraging the students to check out the details.

Full details are available at our Bursary page of this website and our Bursary Flyer is available here.


Some of this year’s sponsors include:



Do you know someone who may be eligible?

Please pass on the bursary information through your networks – and remember not all bursaries are for students entering university from high school. A number of bursaries specifically cater for older students who are taking up the opportunity of tertiary studies, with changing careers or family circumstances.

Applications close on 2 June 2021.


Further Information

For any information about the 2021 Bursary Program, please contact Kathy Cavanagh, NCWQ Bursary Program Manager at bursaries@ncwq.org.au or send a Query here.

Regardless of any COVID restrictions which may be applicable at the time of the bursary presentation in early August, the E-Yearbook, an initiative to counteract our changed world in 2020, will continue.



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