2020-2021 Management Committee – Call for Nominations

NCWQ is calling for nominations from dedicated and innovative women and men living in Queensland, to nominate for a position on the Management Committee for the 2020-2021 year.

Calling for nominations for the 2020-2021 NCWQ Management Committee

The following positions are ready to be filled: 

  • President
  • Vice President (2 positions available)
  • Secretary (2 positions available)
  • Treasurer
  • General committee member (5 positions available)
  • State Coordinator 

Each Management Committee member, save for those who hold an Executive position (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer), is tasked with Chairing a sub-committee. Our sub-committees may consist of Events, Marketing and Promotion, Bursaries, Health and Wellbeing, and Advocacy. Each sub-committee Chair is determined at the discretion of the President, with roles being delegated at the first Committee Meeting following the AGM. 

Holding a position on the NCWQ Management Committee is a fantastic way to broaden your skills, expand your networks, and learn alongside a diverse range of previously serving Management Committee members. NCWQ is looking for Applicants who can provide invaluable skills to the organisation to assist with inherent growth over the next five years.

General committee members have a maximum tenure of four (4) years. After serving this period they are free to apply for other roles, save for the role they held immediately prior.


To Apply

To apply, please contact Secretary, Avril Kent at info@ncwq.org.au, providing:

  • A brief outline of your desire to apply; and
  • A copy of your current CV. 

Applicants must be either a current NCWQ Associate member or a delegate of an Affiliated organisational member. Memberships start at $20 per year. To apply for NCWQ membership, please submit a membership application
Nominations for the Management Committee close on 1 September 2020. 

To obtain a copy of the current NCWQ Constitution and By Laws, which detail the roles and responsibilities of the Management Committee, please contact the please contact the NCWQ Secretary, Avril Kent at info@ncwq.org.au,

2020 Annual Dinner

We invite our members, organisational members, families and friends to our 2020 Annual Dinner, to be held on 15 September, following the conclusion of our AGM. The Annual Dinner will commence at 6:30pm.


About The Annual Dinner

The Annual Dinner is a keynote event in the NCWQ calendar, where we celebrate the preceding year with delicious food and drinks, catching up with others and meeting new members of the organisation. Come along to celebrate another successful year in supporting women and families across Queensland. 


When / Where

Location: United Service Club, Spring Hill

Date: Tuesday 15 September 2020

Time: commencing at 6:30pm (following the AGM)


To Book

Seats are strictly limited, at $70 per ticket. Tables of six are available to book in full. 

For more information or to reserve your place, contact us at events@ncwq.org.au.



115th Annual General Meeting

NCWQ invites all Associate and Affiliate members, families, friends and prospective members, to attend the AGM and learn more about how you can support our growing organisation.


About The AGM

The 115th Annual General Meeting of the National Council of Women of Queensland Inc will be taking place on Tuesday 15 September 2020.


Management Committee Nominations

Applications for NCWQ Management Committee positions are currently open and will close on 1 September 2020. For more information please click here.


When / Where

Location: United Service Club, Spring Hill

Date: Tuesday 15 September 2020

Time: commencing at 5:00pm



To RSVP for the AGM, please email our Secretary, Avril, at info@ncwq.org.au



Workshop 1: From Surviving to Thriving During Covid19

The National Council of Women of Queensland invites you to the Surviving to Thriving During COVID19 workshop

About this Event

This global pandemic brings with it opportunities to embrace challenges and uncertainty. “Unprecedented” has become the buzz word overnight! Join us for this masterclass about why struggles and setbacks are the keys to living a profoundly satisfying life that fosters true happiness. Learn about how striving towards a goal is vital to achieving fulfilment, and that struggling and failing is the only way to get there.

Saalihah Seedat is a Consultant Clinical Pharmacist, social entrepreneur, philanthropist and mentor who is passionate about leadership and making a difference in people’s lives. A mom of 3, Saalihah strikes a work-life balance between working in her clinical role, along with her passion for inspiring and motivating individuals as a personal development and wellbeing specialist. Saalihah is a highly skilled social innovator of change.

Each workshop is hosted by Saalihah Seedat, Consultant Clinical Pharmacist, Personal Development Coach, Mentor, Certified My Health for Life Facilitator (B.Pharm, MPS, AACPA, Dip. Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring).

When / Where

Location: Zoom

Date: Monday 29 June 2020

Time: 7.30pm-8.30pm

To Book

Non-members are welcome to attend for a small fee of $20. Places are limited – to reserve your place please send us a message or email events@ncwq.org.au

Tickets: $20pp


QLD Women’s Week: Evolve. Elevate. Empower.

The National Council of Young Women of Queensland invites you to their inaugural event in celebration of Queensland Women’s Week.

About this Event

Our theme for Queensland Women’s Week is “Evolve Elevate Empower”.

In 2020, we will be celebrating influential women from diverse backgrounds, who are creating impactful change within their fields.


– Motivational and inspirational workshops

– Panel discussions with change-making guest speakers

– Networking and forming connections with influential and inspiring women

– Delicious afternoon tea + refreshments

– Giveaways and prizes to be won!

Join us for an afternoon of learning, sharing, inspiration and celebration!

Secure your tickets NOW so you don’t miss out: www.ncywqeee2020.eventbrite.com.au

When / Where

Location: Hanworth House (109 Lytton Rd, East Brisbane)

Date: Saturday, 14 March 2020

Time: 12.30pm-5.00pm

5.00pm-6.00pm (Networking and drinks – optional)

To Book

Tickets: $50pp

Book via Eventbrite

Limited tickets available. STRICTLY NO TICKETS AT THE DOOR.

Download event flyer

NCWQ Arts and Letters Report January 2020

The latter days of 2019 folded and parcelled the year with gifts of joyful choral sounds, and traditional folk and classical music from many cultures. Along our coastline TENORI TIMELESS shared a classic collection of songs that remain as current as the day they were written. Puccini, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Lloyd-Webber, Simon & Garfunkel and Verdi are but a few. Costume, cheer, music, song and beautiful art shaped thoughts and feelings, both new and old, as the country held open arms to welcome a New Year.

In addition to wonderful exhibitions in the city of Brisbane and in Queensland’s regions, our National Gallery brought us exquisite pre-Raphaelite masterpieces from the TATE; Monet’s 1872 work ‘Impression Sunrise’, about which he had stated “Eventually my eyes were opened, and I really understood nature. I learned to love at the same time.” Claude Monet Imagine the pride and excitement of our early Women Artists and Sculptors, archived by NCWQ; Lynda Sampson Searle, Denise Pommeranz, Dorothy Hartnett, Debbie Scott, Wendy Mills, Clare Llewelyn and the Far North’s Ellen Jose, viewing more and more new works, housed with the ‘old masters’! Australians are still able to view two titans of the global art world, who, it is claimed, sparred – ‘traded jobs and parrying blows to redefine the nature of beauty in art’. National Gallery of Australia: program MATISSE and PABLO PICASSO are on display until 13 April 2020. In the context of their sparring, this, also, has been recorded: “No one has ever looked at Matisse’s painting more carefully than I; and no one has looked at mine more carefully than he.” Pablo Picasso SDGs 4/10/17

Our early Women Artists and Sculptors, Monet, Matisse and Picasso looked beyond the WHAT and explored the HOW and the WHY! 

In a major investment in education, a new permanent gallery is being established, which will be supported by an online resource centre for teachers, parents and students nationwide. Adjacent will be a new gallery space for the first creative learning centre, dedicated to the exploration and making of art in all its forms. All this has been made possible through the generosity of Tim Fairfax AC. www.nga.gov.au/visiting/familySDGs 3/4/5/10/17

Arts, Letters, Science, Literacy, Numeracy and Learning are in the spotlight! Few, however, are brave enough to speak bleak truths about these matters, but choose to evade responsibility for a weakening in many arenas, by blaming. One hopes that this New Year will reveal truths that have been avoided, and that we can, now, work with the HOW and the WHY and not just the WHAT of deficiencies. The Daily Telegraph has written: ‘…the inconvenient truth is that parents most certainly have had a hand in dumbing down our younger generations.’ Louise Roberts/p.13 Thurs Dec 5 2019. Much is attributed to ‘time-poor’ kids and not ‘time-poor’ parents. Students are claimed to be a full academic year behind in reading and science when compared with PISA results from the year 2000. 

Allusions are made to teachers who have a political cause to push – this assuredly exists in some Queensland public schools! Additionally, suggestions are made that if a child is considered ‘average’ teachers have basically given up on that child. Considered opinion and research has revealed that our kids, in Queensland schools, have done poorly in Maths, in NAPLAN testing, not necessarily because they don’t understand the Maths; or because teachers are seconded as Maths teachers, without adequate training – but because they are not sufficiently literate when reading the QUESTIONS in the Maths segment. Our children, our students and numbers of our teachers CANNOT AND DO NOT READ FOR MEANING. Because this is so, tricky questions can confuse them and consequently they are unsure WHAT they are meant to be doing to respond adequately and accurately to questions. This is not peculiar only to Maths, but contributes significantly to poor outcomes. 

So WHAT really is the message? We can see WHY things need to change, but HOWdo we change thing?  Parents – Get involved and stay involved! Some studies have revealed that the students whose parents have read books with them during their first year of primary school show markedly higher scores than students whose parents read with them infrequently or not at all. Parent’s engagement with their 15-year-olds is strongly associated with better performance. One teacher, who is also a mum, responded to queries on HOW we are currently educating our kids – ‘Too much, too fast. Inconsistency, over stimulation, less time on basics, no quality practice in maths so kids are reinforcing their learning, going beyond their understanding too soon and setting them up for a long battle to catch up.” Additionally, because the inability to read for meaning continues to diminish, this teacher/mum responded: ‘Reading is a dying skill as we are overloaded and over stimulated. Kids’ brains are not thinking how we used to because we don’t read for pleasure or enjoyment anymore. READ TO YOUR CHILDREN NO MATTER THEIR AGE, GET THEM OFF THEIR DEVICES. EVEN USING TECHNOLOGY FOR READING HELP IS NOT READING FOR MEANING.’ There are composite reasons WHY this deficit exists – we now need to support and work on HOW to address such vital matters.  www.dailytelegraph.com.au SDGs 3/4/17

WriterMark MANSON, in an hilarious, confronting and refreshing book, reminds us that it is ok to be wrong…remembering that “…Five hundred years ago cartographers believed that California was an island. Doctors believed that slicing a person’s arm open (or causing bleeding anywhere) could cure disease. Scientists believed that fire was made out of something called phlogiston. Women believed that rubbing dog urine on their face had anti-ageing benefits. Astronomers believed that the sun revolved around the earth…” p.117 Ch. 6. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F* Pan Macmillan Aust Pty Ltd. Sydney NSW 2000, 2016, 2017. 

This interesting young writer also reasons that ‘Failure is the way forward…Pain is Part of the Process…’ – which allows us to revisit current teaching delivery and important issues and change practices. The examples used are extreme, but so is our current plight!

‘When Pablo Picasso was an old man, he was sitting in a café in Spain, doodling on a used napkin. A woman sitting near him was looking on in awe. Picasso finished his coffee and crumpled up the napkin to throw away….”Wait!” said the woman, “Can I have that napkin you were just drawing on? I’ll pay you for it.”

“Sure,” Picasso replied. “Twenty thousand dollars.”

The woman’s head jolted back – “What? It took you like two minutes to draw that.”

“No, ma’am….It took me over sixty years to draw this.” He stuffed the napkin in his pocket and walked out of the café.’ pp.147/148

Change – ’In the 1950s, a Polish psychologist,Kazimierz DABROWSKI studied WW11 survivors. Traumatic, gruesome, mass starvation, bombings, the Holocaust, torture, rape and/or murder of family members, if not by Nazis, then a few years later by the Soviets…..Dabrowski noticed something surprising and amazing. A sizeable percentage of them believed that the wartime experiences, though painful and traumatic, had actually caused them to become better, more responsible, and even happier people. Many described their lives before as if they’d been different people then: ungrateful for and unappreciative of their loved ones, lazy and consumed by petty problems, entitled to all they’ve been given. After the war, they felt more confident, more sure of themselves, more grateful and unfazed by life’s trivialities and petty annoyances.  p.151

DECISIONS AND CHANGE ARE BASED ON VALUES. Manson defines Good Values as those that are……

  • Reality based
  • Socially constructive
  • Immediate and controllable

Poorer Values he defines as those that are…..

  • Superstitious
  • Socially destructive
  • Not immediate or controllable – Ihope all of the above may be useful for us to confront problems openly and effectively and enable us to change things. Please do not be offended by the wording of the book title* SDGs 1/2/3/4/16/17

FEMALE ‘SOFT POWER’ STEERS COURSE OF HISTORY – Writer, Miranda DARLING and Art expert, Viola RAIKHEL-BOLOT, describe the extraordinary women they want to showcase to the world through books and documentaries created by their newly formed production company VANISHING PICTURES. These women want to tell the stories that have been hidden – they allude to “…soft power – and the power of art and culture is ‘soft power’,” says Darling. 

Dividing their time between London and Sydney, the busy pair have produced the book IRAN MODERN: THE EMPRESS OF ART, all about a $US3bn lost art collection assembled by the former empress, Farah Pahlavi in the 1970s. That famous collection includes works by Picasso, Renoir, Warhol and Dali. Darling and Raikhel-Bolot are now working on a book about female spies. This includes Australian spy Nancy WAKE, known as “The White Mouse”. Milanda Rout, p.3: 5 Dec 2019/www.theaustralian.com.au   SDGs 4/5/12/17                           

A magnificent read! – ‘THE IDIOT GODS’ “Spectacular world-making.” The Times. 

AN EPIC TALE OF A QUEST FOR A NEW WAY OF LIFE ON EARTH. Written by David Zindell and told from the perspective of Arjuna the Whale ….this is a uniquely moving novel of the sea, exquisitely written, with a rare depth of perception, awareness, grace and hope, in symbiosis with an even rarer breadth of courage and wisdom! 

A rarity for avid readers! I had to resort to Fowler and old publications of The Oxford Dictionary at times and I read zillions of books…very, very beautiful. One word we will not discover in any of the above, is ‘quenge’.  To ‘quenge’, the reader is told, is the most quintessential part of a whale’s true nature…inexplicable though this may be. p.14

Ignoring the human peculiarities, the many strands of excrescence – ‘nets’ the humans called them – Arjuna wanted to hear the music. “And what music they made! And how they made it! I swam toward the boat, drawn by the mighty Beethoven chords that somehow sounded from beneath the water. The density of this marvellous blue substance magnified the marvel of the music. Joy, pure joy, zinged through my skin. I moved even closer to the boat and to the music’s mysterious source beneath the rippling waves. “

“O what a song I have for you!” I said to the humans. I knew that if I was to touch their hearts as they had touched mine, I must go deep inside myself to speak with the monsters and the angels that dwelled there. “Here, humans, here, here – please listen to this song of myself!” pp86/87 When Arjuna of the Blue Aria Family encounters three signs of cataclysm, he leaves his home in the Arctic Ocean to seek out the Idiot Gods and ask us why we are destroying the world. But the whales’ ancient Song of Life is beyond our understanding, and we know nothing of the Great Covenant between our kinds.

After capture and starvation and being forced to do tricks in a tiny pool, the Orca’s love for a human linguist gives him hope. As the whales’ beloved ocean turns toward the Blood Solstice, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance; for if Arjuna gains the Voice of Death he could destroy mankind. If understanding can prevail, he may, through the whales’ mysterious power of quenging, create a new Song of Life and enable human evolution to unfold. Harper Collins Publishers, London 2017     SDGs 2/3/4/6/14/17

Welcome to 2020 on Planet Earth – Very Best Wishes to All

Reminder: NCWQ Christmas Luncheon December 2019

Members and friends are invited to celebrate with the National Council of Women of Queensland at our

Annual Christmas Luncheon

Thursday 5 December, 2019

12 noon for a 12.30pm commencement

The Women’s College, University of Queensland, Cnr College Road and Thynne Road, St Lucia

Tickets: $45.00 per person includes buffet festive lunch with dessert, juice and water, tea and coffee. Soft drinks and alcohol available for purchase.

RSVP with payment by 29 November, 2019

This year, NCWQ is supporting Mercy Community Romero Centre to provide basic pantry necessities for their clients. Suggested items are listed overleaf. To assist appropriate distribution, please do not wrap goods.

Beata Ostapiej-Piatkowski, Manager, will share with us some of the work of the Romero Centre.

To download the RSVP form, click HERE.

NCWQ Annual Christmas Luncheon 2019

Members and friends are invited to celebrate with the National Council of Women of Queensland at our

Annual Christmas Luncheon

Thursday 5 December, 2019

12 noon for a 12.30pm commencement

The Women’s College, University of Queensland, Cnr College Road and Thynne Road, St Lucia

Tickets: $45.00 per person includes buffet festive lunch with dessert, juice and water, tea and coffee. Soft drinks and alcohol available for purchase.

RSVP with payment by 29 November, 2019

This year, NCWQ is supporting Mercy Community Romero Centre to provide basic pantry necessities for their clients. Suggested items are listed overleaf. To assist appropriate distribution, please do not wrap goods.

Beata Ostapiej-Piatkowski, Manager, will share with us some of the work of the Romero Centre.

To download the RSVP form, click HERE

NCWQ Morning Tea and Fashion Parade

You and your friends are invited to the Annual Bursaries Fund-raising Morning Tea and Fashion Parade hosted by the National Council of Women of Queensland! The event will include:

  • Fashion parade by Soubret Pink
  • NCWQ Bursary recipient Ella Madigan
  • Entertainment by Bursary recipient Leah Lever
  • Delicious morning tea
  • Raffles
  • Lucky door prizes

The event will be held on Thursday 10th October 2019, 9:45am for a 10:00am start, at Tattersall’s Club – 215 Queen Street Brisbane.

Tickets are $48 per person.

Download the RSVP form HERE!